The Love is in the Air World Event returns to Azeroth for two weeks. The World Event is now live in both NA and EU regions!

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2019 Love is in the Air Holiday Updates

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The annual holiday, Love is in the Air, begins on February 12 and ends part way through the day on February 26. For this, we are applying a hotfix that makes it so only characters who are level 110 or higher will be eligible daily to receive the box that contains the most-rare items from this event’s bosses (for the last two years it’s been set to level 98). You will also see this reflected in the next official Hotfixes update post.

As a result of this, if you are hunting the Big Love Rocket you will want to get characters to at least level 110 for the event.

Good luck collection hunters!

The Darkmoon Faire is back in town once again, running from February 3 until February 9! During this time you can get a 10% experience and reputation buff, which is great for unlocking the Allied Races.

Starting with Patch 8.1, the Profession Quests now also award 5 skill points in the latest rank of a profession which can help you unlock achievements such as Working in Zandalar or Working in Kul Tiras.

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Hogrus, Swine of Good Fortune, has been added to the Blizzard Shop for $25/€25. This mount resembles a flying pig themed after the Chinese New Year 2019 Celebration: Year of the Pig.

In-Game Description: Hogrus was first seen by Emperor Shaohao on the third day of his meditation, and is considered by the Pandaren to be a sign of good fortune to come to those who take action.

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A Sign of Good Fortune Ahead

Legends say that in his hour of deepest doubt, Emperor Shaohao, last ruler of the Pandaren Empire, was visited by Hogrus, Swine of Good Fortune, as he meditated upon his people’s future. Today, pandaren across Azeroth consider Hogrus to be a sign of prosperity and great things to come. You would be wise to seek his blessing as you pursue your own fortune, wherever the four winds may take you.

This lucky new mount is bound to propel you into a prosperous year ahead—and it’s now available in the Blizzard Shop and World of Warcraft in-game shop.

The Lunar Festival World Event returns to Azeroth for two weeks. This year there are several new toys that you can add to your collection: one Lunar Hearthstone and two Dragon Costumes!

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Every year the druids of Moonglade hold a celebration of their city’s great triumph over an ancient evil. During the Lunar Festival, citizens of Azeroth have the opportunity to honor their elders by celebrating their sage wisdom, sharing in magnificent feasts…and of course, lighting fireworks.

The celebration has begun in Moonglade, and your Lunar Festival Invitation is waiting. Join in the fun by dressing up in your Lunar Festival finery, launching fireworks, and paying homage to the Elders throughout Azeroth.

When: January 28–February 11
Where: Moonglade, with camps in Ironforge, Stormwind, Darnassus, Thunder Bluff, Orgrimmar, and the Undercity*
Currency: Coin of Ancestry

Check out our Lunar Festival World Event Guide for a list of battle pets, toys, transmog and achievements that you can get during this holiday.

2019 Lunar Festival Holiday Updates

There are 7 new toys that you can purchase with Coins of Ancestry:

Tides of Vengeance Part 2 is live! The Battle of Dazar'alor raid is now available on Normal and Heroic difficulty, and with it comes 2 new cinematics!

Battle of Dazar'alor Cinematics

Alliance Attack Cinematic

Rastakhan Defeat Cinematic


In addition we also have a few hotfixes to the Stormwall Blockade encounter, Azerite Traits in PvP, and the Bursting affix.

The Stormwall Blockade encounter has been hotfixed, making the fight easier to defeat.

Azerite Traits have been stealth changed and now are 50% weaker in PvP.

The Bursting affix is now stronger.

Allied Races Clarifications

Blizzard has posted clarifications regarding the next two Allied Races. Zandalari Trolls and Kul Tiran Humans will be available in Patch 8.1.5, and to unlock them you will have to finish the storylines in Zandalar and Kul Tiras, and complete the Tides of Vengeance / Tides of Vengeance War Campaign.

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I’m curious if I can unlock it today or if I have to wait for the new raid to go to raid finder, anyone know for sure?
At BlizzCon we talked about these Allied Races coming in Patch 8.1.5. It might feel like a new patch day with the season update and raid opening up today, but this is still the continuation of the Tides of Vengeance story. We will have more information on the Zandalari and Kul Tiran soon!

The wait sucks, but I’m at a point of apathy about it now. I wish more clear info would come out about to what extent raiding is related to unlocking the two races. Can the quest be done in LFR if a quest is needed?
There will be no raiding required. Some people may have seen the requirements on the PTR and we do plan to talk about them more to help spread the word.

As it currently stands, if you do the Zandalar quest arc (through the Blood Gate quest and Zul’s death), the War Campaign through the Tides of Vengeance achievement, and get Exalted with the Zandalari Empire, you will be able to do the questline to get access to the Zandalari Allied Race as soon as 8.1.5 goes live.

What are the requirements for Kul’tirans? I’m assuming something equivalant to the Zandalari but specifics matter.
Tides of Vengeance War Campaign achievement is the same. The story arc should be “A Nation United” achievement. Exalted with Proudmoore Admiralty.

As it currently stands, if you do the Zandalar quest arc (through the Blood Gate quest and Zul’s death), does this just mean all the quests in zul or is there some hidden quests?
It should be the “Zandalar Forever!” achievement.