Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara is one of the major content updates in Battle for Azeroth, and with it comes many Secrets and Mysteries to be discovered and figured out by the community.

This guide will be kept updated throughout Patch 8.2 and we recommend you use the table of contents to quickly navigate to secrets that interest you and then click on the related pictures to learn more about each secret.

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Fabious, one of the mysterious mounts teased by Muffinus, has been solved!

All you have to do is to take a selfie of you and Fabious with the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera MkII. Fabious spawns every 2-8 hours around coordinates 25 29 in Nazjatar and slowly circles around the zone before despawning. Multiple people can get the mount as long as they all have the Selfie Camera and take a selfie with him.

Bee Mount

Not much is known about the PH Bee Mount, however it was confirmed to come in Patch 8.2 back at BlizzCon 2018 at the What's Next Panel.

It seems that the mount is not implemented yet, but we can see that it might be related to a reputation grind.

Make sure to get Bumbles (it takes 7 days!) as you will be required to summon the Bee Pet: Bee Is With Me.

Mrrl's Secret Stash

To complete Mrrl's Secret Stash you will have to purchase Crimson Tidestallion from Mrrl.

Unlocking Mrrl

  • Go to coordinates 48 45 in Nazjatar and accept A Safer Place / A Safer Place.
  • Escort Mrrl to Newhome or Mezzamere and complete the quest.
  • Pick up No Backs and complete it by purchasing items from nearby Murloc vendors.

After you have unlocked Mrrl you will need Azsh'ari Stormsurger Cape in order to gain access to his special stocks: Trader's Stock.

Crimson Tidestallion

To purchase Crimson Tidestallion you will need the following items:

To get 1 Hungry Herald's Tentacle Taco you will first have to complete an event where you save Murloco from Naga. This event happens randomly, at 46.3 32.6 in Nazjatar, and if you successfully help Murloco you will be able to purchase the item from him for 666 Gold.

To purchase the rest of the items, 2 Pulsating Blood Stone and 4 Cultist Pinky Finger, you will have to play the Trading Game.

Trading Game Weak Aura

Aegius1r has made an amazing weak aura that tells you which murlocs you should interact with and also buys the required items automatically for you.

You will first have to talk with all the murloc vendors to retrieve what items they selling. After you've talked to all vendors the weak aura will show you a list - follow it and the Crimson Tidestallion will be yours.

Important: Make sure to equip the cloak or disable the weak aura before you talk to Mrrl if you are saving Hungry Herald's Tentacle Taco for some other special item.

The Secret Fish

To complete the achievements Secret Fish of Mechagon and Secret Fish and Where to Find Them you will have to catch fish throughout Azeroth.

Pearl of the Abyss

Pearl of the Abyss is one of the new mysterious items introduced in Patch 8.2. Originally it's source was "Drop", however it was later removed.

The item currently appears in the Toy Box which means that it might be a smaller secret and maybe related to the Abyss Pearl.

Operation: Mechagon

Pepe Robot Costume

Pepe is one of the most beloved and faithful companions in World of Warcraft. Added in Warlords of Draenor, he quickly took over our hearts and became a little celebrity. Nowadays, rarely anyone chooses to venture into new content alone, and with Pepe, you've got a friend with you all the time!

In Patch 8.2 Pepe received a new costume, A Tiny Clockwork Key, which is most likely found hidden within Mechagon.

Tauren and Gnomes Heritage Armor

The Heritage of the Shu'halo is the heritage armor set for the Tauren and the Heritage of Gnomeregan is the heritage armor set for the Gnomes.

Since these Heritage Armor transmog sets do not appear in the Appearances Tab until learned, and there are no related achievements for unlocking them, we consider these transmog sets hidden and therefore we have added them in our Secrets Database.

Stratholme Pet Battle Dungeon

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Patch 8.2 Secrets and Mysteries

Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara is one of the major content updates in Battle for Azeroth, and with it comes many Secrets and Mysteries to be discovered and figured out by the community.

Secrets Overview Guides

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Midsummer Fire Festival World Event runs from June 21st through July 5th and is now live in NA and EU.

The main activity during this event will be flying all over Azeroth, finding the Fire Keepers for each zone, and honoring their bonfire by completing a quest that they give, or desecrating the opposing faction's bonfires by dousing them. Both of these activities will reward you with Burning Blossoms, which are used as the event's currency.

If you're leveling characters during this event then don't forget to pick up the 10% experience buff (Ribbon Dance) by dancing at a Ribbon Pole.

2019 Midsummer Fire Festival Holiday Updates

New in 2019 are several achievements and an event-themed toy:

For the new achievements you can use the following macro to set up waypoints on the map.

/way Zuldazar 53.3 48.1
/way Nazmir 40 74.3
/way Vol'dun 56 47.8
/way Tiragarde Sound 76.2 49.9
/way Stormsong Valley 35.9 51.3
/way Drustvar 40.2 48.6

Midsummer Fire Festival World Event Guide

Check our Midsummer Fire Festival World Event Guide to learn how to get all the event related battle pets, toys, transmog, achievements and more!

Blizzard has posted a video guide that goes over the new content and features coming in Rise of Azshara.

If you'd like to learn more about Rise of Azshara, check the following links:

Blizzard have posted their official preview of Nazjatar, an open-world zone that culminates in confronting Queen Azshara.

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

After a high-stakes chase across the seas, the Alliance and the Horde find themselves facing an ancient enemy who has long been lurking in the depths: Queen Azshara and her fearsome naga army. With their ships decimated by Azshara’s ambush, the Alliance and Horde must establish a new base of operations and join forces with new allies in the perilous realm of Nazjatar.

Before you can begin your journey to Nazjatar, you’ll need to reach level 120 and complete the quest Unlocking the World, which grants access to World Quests in Battle for Azeroth. When Rise of Azshara arrives, you’ll receive a summons from either Genn Greymane or Nathanos Blightcaller, setting in motion the events that will lead you to Nazjatar.

After Azshara’s catastrophic assault leaves your ship in ruins, you’ll wake up among the wreckage to an unfathomable sight: a massive hole in the sea where previously there was only ocean. Your first order of business will be to search for survivors—but Azshara’s army is still on the hunt, and before long you’ll need to traverse impossible cliffs and waterfalls in search of a safe haven. With the help of newfound allies known as the Unshackled, the Horde will find refuge in Newhome in the southern portion of Nazjatar, while the Alliance will join forces with the Waveblade Ankoan in Mezzamere just to the northwest.

Once you’ve established your base of operations, you’ll need to progress through the zone’s story line before you can engage in the wider array events and activites across Nazjatar. Shortly after Horde players reach the quest Down Into Nazjatar and Alliance players reach the quest A Brief Respite, you’ll unlock access to a vast amount of content throughout the zone—and Nazjatar is yours to explore.

Nazjatar is a dangerous and beautiful place, filled with coral forests and unfathomable deep-sea creatures skittering through passageways and clinging to rockfaces. Secrets that have remained submerged for millennia are now exposed to the surface world, including the ancient ruins of Zin-Azshari, the once-glorious capital of the kaldorei. Further in the depths, the beautiful and terrible city of the naga—and the palace of the Queen of Tides herself—awaits.

Meet Your New Friends

To help navigate the perils of Nazjatar, Alliance heroes will join forces with the Waveblade Ankoan, a faction of deep-sea warriors skilled in surviving the dangers of the ocean. Meanwhile, Horde heroes will find worthy allies in the Unshackled, a disparate group of makura, sea giants, and gilgoblins who have banded together to seize their freedom from enslavement by the naga.

As you provide aid to your new allies and prove your worth, your new friends will return the favor by offering the services of their most seasoned warriors and hunters. These special combat allies will journey alongside you as you face the hazards of Nazjatar, growing in power as you complete their special quests—and ultimately unlocking new abilities and rewards.

Earning reputation with the Waveblade Ankoan or the Unshackled will provide access to new items that can be purchased from their quartermasters using gold or Prismatic Manapearls. For example, Alliance players will be able to tame and ride the mighty Ankoan Waveray when reaching Exalted with their allies. You’ll be able to earn reputation and additional rewards by completing World Quests, taking part in daily activities, hunting rare and powerful creatures, and more as you explore the expanse of Nazjatar.

Did You Know? Just a Little Boost

Nazjatar is a dangerous area filled with strange and incredibly powerful creatures, but you can gain an edge by taking advantage of the many combat bonuses the zone has to offer. Some can simply be found on the ground, like the Poisonous Spiral Leaf, which increases your damage for a short duration. Others can be found by looting creatures during your adventure, or defeating powerful foes. Explore and find what’s waiting to be discovered!

New Bethic Gear

As you explore Nazjatar, you’ll collect Prismatic Manapearls, a new kind of soulbound currency you can spend to purchase Benthic tokens and upgrades. These bind-to-account tokens grant a piece of upgradable Benthic gear specific to your armor type (cloth, leather, mail, plate), starting at item level 385. With enough time and effort, players can dedicate their hard-earned Manapearls to upgrade pieces to ilvl 425, just shy of Heroic-level raid gear (ilvl 430). Learn more about Benthic Gear in our earlier preview[/url].

New PvE Events

Summons from the Depths

While in Nazjatar, Queen Azshara will periodically rally her naga forces to summon forth a powerful creature from the depths for a zone-wide event. Each such event will occur in two phases: The first phase will require you to clear out some of Queen Azshara’s elite naga forces within a limited amount of time, while the second phase will require players to work together to defeat the monstrosity the naga have called. Keep an eye out for a skull-shaped icon on your map indicating that one of these events is underway.

Azshara's Elite Commanders

From time to time, players will be called upon to face five of Azshara’s elite commanders, who will appear in various locations throughout Nazjatar (available only when War Mode is off). Defeating any of these five formidable foes will provide you with Prismatic Manapearls—and the more you take down, the more Manapearls you’ll have to spend at your favorite vendor.

New PvP Event: Battle for Nazjatar

Players who have War Mode enabled in Nazjatar will be able to take part in a new PvP event to earn rewards and achievements. During the Battle for Nazjatar event, the Horde and the Alliance will need to coordinate their forces to capture and hold five points across the zone: Ala’thir Spire, Lemor’athra Spire, Thoras’tal Spire, Tidal Conflux, and Zin-Azshari.

Once towers are captured, the Horde and Alliance will begin to accumulate points for each tower under their control. The first faction to reach 10,000 points, or whoever has the most points at the end of 45 minutes, will claim victory.

If you’ve defeated at least one enemy player during the event, the first win of the day will reward 200 Conquest and 10 Nazjatar Battle Commendations, while the losing faction will still receive a small amount of Conquest and Nazjatar Battle Commendations, which can be exchanged for rewards including the imposing Inkscale Deepseeker mount.

New World Bosses

While exploring this dangerous new territory, keep your eyes out for two new World Bosses: Ulmath, the Soulbinder and Wekemara.

Ulmath, the Soulbinder: Ulmath, the Soulbinder, seeks to enthrall the restless spirits of Nazjatar. If left unchecked it will amass an unstoppable undead force bound to its malevolent will.

Wekemara: Summoned from the depths by an ancient naga ritual, Wekemara arises once more to wreak havok upon the surface.

New Raid Dungeon: The Eternal Palace

Your journeys in Nazjatar will ultimately lead to Queen Azshara’s seat of power in The Eternal Palace, a new raid featuring 8 new bosses, including the Queen of Tides’ most devoted champions. Learn more about this new raid and its release schedule in our preview.

In Nazjatar, you’ll experience the next chapter in the ongoing story of Battle for Azeroth, come face-to-face with long-forgotten legends, and earn a trove of treasures, mounts, pets, achievements, and more along the way. Prepare to brave the dangers of Nazjatar when Rise of Azshara arrives on June 25!