This articles documents Battle for Azeroth Secrets such as hidden Mounts, Toys and NPCs, and features upcoming hidden secrets in the process of uncovering.

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Nazjatar Blood Serpent is a new hidden mount in Battle for Azeroth, a recolored version of and The drop rate of the fragments was initially nerfed after the Secret Finding Discord found how to get it, however the mount is now live and you can get your own in Battle for Azeroth!

The Hivemind

Based on the spell details, we speculate that the more players join the Hivemind, the faster its movement speed goes, increasing by 10% per person. The buff keeps stacking indefinitely, although is going to follow “normal vehicle rules” so there might be a limit to how many “seats” there are in the vehicle.

Here’s a preview of how the mount is rumored to look like, picture courtesy of Wowhead:

Gem of Acquiescence

The is a hidden toy found by collecting scrolls from the Stormsong Monastery in Boralus. The toy has a 30 minute cooldown with a 30 minute duration on the buff: Using the toy will make a Mindbender attach to your head, and your screen will be covered in shadowy/voidy tentacles.

Mole Machine Secret Locations is one of the racial abilities of the Dark Iron Dwarves, which spawns a Mole Machine that tunnels through the earth to get to Shadowforge City, Stormwind and Ironforge. Through the efforts of the Secret Finding Discord and the Mead Hall Dwarven RP Community, players have successfully discovered all 16 locations.

Twilight Hermit is an NPC found in Silithus at 40, 76.5. It was first introduced in 8.0.1 BFA pre-patch as a beast with a human voice lines, however it got stealth hotfixed shortly and is now a humanoid with orc voice lines.