Alaina’s Bonnet – Hidden Cosmetic Item

Alaina's Bonnet is a hidden cosmetic item inspired by the White Messenger Ribbon from Bloodborne.

To get it you will need an Alliance character that has not completed The Battle for Broken Shore. If you skipped this scenario then you can talk with Archivist Elysiana in Dalaran to retake the quest.

How to get Alaina's Bonnet

I saw you leave for the Broken Shore. Please, tell me, did you see my husband?

> Do you recognize this locket?

His locket? Where did you get this?
No! I don't believe you! He can't be gone!
Cedric, oh my dear Cedric, please come back to me.
Don't leave me all alone...

Come back after a short time and in the bedroom upstairs you will find a chest with Alaina's Bonnet inside.

This transmog is account-wide, and once obtained Alaina's Bonnet can be transmog on both Horde and Alliance characters.