Arathi Highlands Warfront Rewards – Mounts, Pets and Toys

Throughout the revamped Darkshore zone in Battle for Azeroth there are many Rare Elite NPCs that drop mounts, pets, toys and transmog.

These NPCs have a short respawn time, however you can only loot them once per Warfront cycle (your faction will have to lose control of the zone and then regain it before you are able to loot the NPCs again).

TomTom Waypoints

We have sorted all the Rare Elite NPCs in a simple TomTom + Paste macro so that you can easily set up waypoints to collectibles that you are interested in.

Rares are marked with (H) or (A) if the NPC is up only when Horde or Alliance controls the Warfront.
Coordinates marked with (Cave) lead to the cave where the Elite NPC is found.

Arathi Highlands Mount Rares

/way 65.4 70.9 Beastrider Kama (Patrols the road, spawnpoint)
/way 56.6 44.5 Skullripper
/way 67.9 60.9 Nimar the Slayer
/way 27.4 55.9 Overseer Krix (H) (Cave)
/way 33.5 37.0 Overseer Krix (A) (Cave)
/way 49.0 40.0 Knight-Captain Aldrin (H)
/way 53.9 56.9 Doomrider Helgrim (A)

Arathi Highlands Pet Rares

/way 14.0 36.9 Yogursa
/way 22.9 22.2 Branchlord Aldrus
/way 36.9 66.0 Plaguefeather
/way 56.7 54.1 Venomarus
/way 52.3 72.4 Man-Hunter Rog
/way 57.1 34.8 Echo of Myzrael
/way 59.6 27.8 Fozruk (Patrols the road, spawnpoint)
/way 38.0 57.5 Fozruk (Patrols the road, endpoint)
/way 11.9 52.1 Ragebeak (H)
/way 18.4 27.9 Ragebeak (A)
/way 50.4 61.2 Darbel Montrose (H)
/way 50.8 36.5 Darbel Montrose (A)

Arathi Highlands Toy Rares

/way 37.0 39.2 Doom's Howl (World Boss)
/way 37.0 39.2 The Lion's Roar (World Boss)
/way 47.6 77.9 Molok the Crusher
/way 28.7 45.5 Kovork (Cave)
/way 48.0 79.5 Kor'gresh Coldrage (Cave)
/way 62.8 80.8 Zalas Witherbark (Cave)
/way 43.0 57.0 Ruul Onestone
/way 29.8 45.5 Foulbelly (Cave)
/way 78.0 37.0 Geomancer Flintdagger (Cave)
/way 50.8 40.8 Singer (H)
/way 50.7 57.5 Singer (A)
/way 19.5 60.9 Horrific Apparition (H)
/way 26.7 32.6 Horrific Apparition (A)

Arathi Highlands Miscellaneous Rares

Similar to the Battle for Darkshore Miscellaneous Rares, the following NPCs don't drop any mounts, pets or toys, however there is a chance you can get Warfront Armor from them. Completing a full set is required for the Don't Warfront Me achievement.

Arathi Highlands Rares Addon

If you already have HandyNotes, then you can get the Handynotes - Warfront Rares addon that will display the elites and their loot on the map and minimap. Once you have killed the rares, they will disappear from the map until your faction gains control of the zone again.