Artful Dodging – Hidden Rogue Transmog Set

The is a Hidden Transmog Set for Rogues that is obtainable via the Class Order Hall.

This Artful Dodging transmog set consists of 6 pieces:

Shoulders, Vest and Gloves

Three pieces of this transmog can be purchased from a Vendor NPC in the Rogue Order Hall called Jenri.

The pieces that Jenri sells are:

Mask and Boots

Two pieces of this transmog can be contained in The Vault (Class Order Hall talent) which allows Rogues to select an item from the Uncrowned Vault once they find Marin Noggenfogger's Lucky Coin. This coin can be obtained through either successful Order Hall missions or Pick Pocketing.

These caches can drop:


The last item, Artful Britches still remains a mystery. As of yet, it is unknown how to obtain these leggings, although a lot of people go for the Bloodfang Pants because of their similarities. These pants drop from Ragnaros in Molten Core.