Blackened Defias Armor – Hidden Rogue Transmog Set

The Ensemble: Blackened Defias Armor is a Hidden Transmog Set for Rogues that is obtained by completing a secret quest inside The Deadmines dungeon.

You will need to be in Outlaw spec before you enter the dungeon and you are going to need a Parrot Cage (Green Wing Macaw) pet. You can either buy one from the Auction House or farm one in the dungeon.

The Deadmines

  • Enter The Deadmines on Normal difficulty and make your way through the dungeon all the way to Ironclad Cove (which is where the last two bosses are).
  • Make your way to the Ghostly Parrot and summon your Green Wing Macaw.

/way The Deadmines 36.5, 17.0

  • You will then get an extra action button with a Grappling Hook, which will help you climb the wall upon using it.
    There you will find an NPC called Captain Bramblebeard which will offer you a quest called Deadmines: Sea'in Red. Upon interacting with him, the following dialogue will appear:

Arr, finally! I been stuck up here f'years with naught company but me own thoughts. Tis good to clap me eyes on another swashbuckling soul. Are ye up for a plot of revenge and skullduggery? These meddlin' Defias thugs murdered me and me crew years ago before they took over this cave. I propose a series of counter-murders to bring about balance! Bring me proof ye've dealt with enough of the thieves to clog a bilge pump!

Quest Information

  • The quest requires you to collect 100 Bloodied Defias Bandana for Captain Bramblebeard which you can obtain by killing mobs inside the dungeon. In case you've already killed most, if not all of them while farming for the Green Wing Macaw, you can simply exit and reset the instance in order to complete it (however, don't forget that you need to do it on Normal difficulty).
  • Upon completing the quest requirements and speaking to Captain Bramblebeard again, he will give you the Ensemble: Blackened Defias Armor set as the quest reward and say:

Ha ha ha! I hope those rotten thugs rot in whatever pit of misery spawned them.

After using the ensemble the Defias Leather Transmog Set will be added in the Appearances Tab.