Blackened Defias Armor – Hidden Rogue Transmog Set

General Information

The set is a hidden Rogue transmog set (which appears as in the transmog set collections) which can be obtained by completing a secret quest in

You will need to be in Outlaw spec before you enter the dungeon and you are going to need a pet. You can either buy one from the AH or farm one in the dungeon.


Arr, finally! I been stuck up here f'years with naught company but me own thoughts. Tis good to clap me eyes on another swashbuckling soul. Are ye up for a plot of revenge and skullduggery? These meddlin' Defias thugs murdered me and me crew years ago before they took over this cave. I propose a series of counter-murders to bring about balance! Bring me proof ye've dealt with enough of the thieves to clog a bilge pump!

Quest Information


Ha ha ha! I hope those rotten thugs rot in whatever pit of misery spawned them.