Bombyx Hunter Pet Guide

Bombyx is one of the rare hunter pets obtainable in Mists of Pandaria. It has the appearance of a big, purple silkworm and can only be tamed by Beast Mastery Hunters.

General Information

Type Zone Expansion


Krasarang Wilds

Mists of Pandaria

  • Bombyx leaves behind some tracks in the form of "Heavily-Chewed Silkweed", but those are not directional so following them is really hard.
  • You should camp at the middle of the route and wait for the Silkweed track to appear.

How to Tame Bombyx

  • In your graphics settings turn your ground clutter settings to 1. It makes spotting the tracks much easier.
  • Camp around 33, 49 and look north towards the road.
  • Wait for the Silkweed to appear.
  • After finding the pet you will need to reveal it with Flare to then start taming it.

Tip: You will need to place your flare a little in front of the pet so you will have enough time to finish your tame cast.

Bombyx Patrol Route and Tracks

Check the images below to see Bombyx's Patrol Route and Tracks. Credit for the images goes to Euphyley from the WoW Rare Spawns Blog.