Dark Ranger’s Hood – Hidden Hunter Transmog

The Dark Ranger's Hood is a Hidden Transmog Item for Hunters that is obtained after completing a secret quest at the Trueshot Lodge.

If you're interested in the Dialogue and the interactions, then check below as we have also documented them.

Dark Ranger's Hood

To get the Dark Ranger's Hood follow these steps:


First you will have to speak with Death Hunter Moorgoth:

I am Moorgoth the Death Hunter, stalker of the night and master of shadows.
Would you like to browse my wares?

* Uh, have we met before?

Have you skirted the vast abyss of death? Have you stared entropy in the eye? Then you have met Moorgoth!
Oh. Right. I guess you have, haven't you? I should have thought that through.
I realize I didn't receive some divine calling to come here like some of the others, but I thought you would have need of my services.

* Don't think I've ever heard of "death hunters."

There aren't a lot of us. That is to say, only a few. Okay, it's me and a couple buddies. But our ranks will grow!
Our mandate is to patrol the shadowed roads of Azeroth and the realms beyond, keeping it safe for the innocent. And...
Look, I'm going to be honest. We just really, really think the dark rangers are amazing and we want to be near them.

* Wait. What?

I mean, just look at Velonara over there. She's like a dream! So brooding, so mysterious, so... dark.
Have you worked with her before? What was it like? Say, have you two ever...
Nevermind. Best not to know such things. The past is the past, and I need to focus on the future. My future with her.
That's why I got all these black roses. I was going to give her a dozen, but that doesn't feel like quite enough to impress her. Say, would you talk to her? About me, I mean? Maybe bring her a gift?

* I don't really want to get involved...

That's fantastic! You're really the greatest. Oh, I hope Velonara has noticed me!

* Well, it looks like I'll be speaking to her.

Death Hunter Moorgoth implies that 12 roses won't be enough to impress her, therefore you will need to purchase 13 Black Roses and then talk with Dark Ranger Velonara which patrols around the main hall. When you speak to her, she will take the 13 roses and interact with the player:

* I was just talking to Moorgoth, and he...

You mean that moping, black-clad imbecile across the way? The one who keeps leering at me? Yes, I've noticed him. He's not the first mortal to obsess over a dark ranger. I don't understand the fascination some have with death. He should spend his time pursuing the living, not longing for a dalliance with one who has already passed. Life is often wasted on the living.

* You sound as if you miss your previous life.

I was a maiden, pure and true. A young ranger in service of Silvermoon, betrothed to the nobleman of my dreams. Then Arthas came. I fell in battle as the mad prince cut a black scar through the land I loved. But at least I was at peace, I suppose. For a time. Until the Banshee Queen pulled me back from beyond and damned my soul into her service. You'll have to pardon me if I have little patience for imbeciles like Moorgoth, who take for granted what they have and think to find happiness in pain.

* He doesn't seem like such a bad guy.

<The dark ranger sighs.> I suppose he has a certain charm. He can't help his ignorance. But he must realize that my heart is incapable of feeling love or happiness, nor could we... engage in the sort of intimacy he desires. I am a dead, rotting thing, and only the abyss awaits me. Please if you find any fondness for him at all, break his heart now. It will save him true pain later. <Velonara pauses for a moment, then takes a single black rose and caresses its petals.>

* I'll let him down easily.

Return to Death Hunter Moorgoth and speak with him:

* Sorry, Moorgoth. She said no.

Really? I thought she might... Oh, I get it. I figured she had a thing for you. Makes sense. Brave hero, leader of the Unseen Path... How can a guy like me compete with all that? Thanks anyway, <name>. No hard feelings, right? Say I don't suppose you'd talk to Dark Ranger Alina for me, would you? She's so gorgeous...

* I have to go.

Okay, okay, fine. Anytime you're interested in browsing my wares, let me know.

Find Dark Ranger Velonara again, she will offer you a quest called Dark Memento, which requires you to bring Velonara's spare hood to Death Hunter Moorgoth. The following dialogue appears as she hands out the quest:

The flowers were... a nice gesture.

<Velonara sniffs one of the black roses.>

I have a spare hood. Nothing fancy, but perhaps Moorgoth would like to have it.

Just don't let him get his hopes up or anything. I'm merely repaying a kindness.

I would appreciate it if you kept all this between us. Giving presents to admirers falls a bit outside the dark ranger rules of conduct.

Accept the quest and go back to Death Hunter Moorgoth:

Velonara asked you to deliver this to me personally?

<Moorgoth's eyes sparkle as he grins from ear to ear.>

She DOES care! She DOES care!

<Moorgoth settles down and clears his throat.>

That was kind of her. Say, it is a nice hood. I bet I could mass-produce this and offer it to my fellow dark ranger aficionados.

Would you like to browse my wares?

After completing this quest, you will be able to purchase the Dark Ranger's Hood from Death Hunter Moorgoth.