Death Knight Hidden Artifacts Appearances and Effects

This article will cover how to get the Hidden Artifact Appearances for Death Knights as well as elaborate what their hidden effects are.

Frost Hidden Appearance "Dark Runeblade" is unlocked via

  • 100% drop from The Soultakers
  • Chance to drop from Saurfang, Lich King and The Four Horsemen Hidden Effects:

  • A patch of ice will grow at your feet while standing still.
  • You will be able to interact with a Memory of Arthas that will be present throughout the Broken Isles:

/way Azsuna 39.4 9.8 Memory of Arthas
/way Val'sharah 67.2 58.2 Memory of Arthas
/way Thunder Totem 50 53.4 Memory of Arthas
/way Stormheim 64.6 46.6 Memory of Arthas


In Azsuna, Memory of Arthas says:
See the spirits writhe and twist.
The numberless shades forsaken by time.
The dead outnumber the living and always will.

In Val'sharah, Memory of Arthas says:
The darkness does not die, (name).
Rage against the Nightmare. Struggle as you will.
The infinite dark is patient. We will all be claimed in the end.

In Highmountain, Memory of Arthas says:
You believe that you are in control, that your will is your own...
Yet you do as He commands.
You exist by His whim alone.
You imagine yourself to be free, but you will always be His instrument…

In Stormheim, Memory of Arthas says:
So many fallen kings, silent in their numberless graves...
Even the mighty are rendered nameless by time.
Every king must kneel before death.

  • was the original hidden effect for the weapon, however it was removed from the game during beta. made your damaging attacks have a chance to summon Bolvar Fordragon, Arthas Menethil or Ner'zhul which would give you runic power and/or restore depleted runes.
  • NPCs will sometimes comment on your weapon:

Dalaran Citizen says: Those blades... just looking at them makes me feel cold.

Muradin Bronzebeard says: What is this blasphemy, (Player Name)? How dare you reforge that cursed blade, the very sword that damned Lordaeron and its prince? I warned Arthas not to touch Frostmourne, and now I'm warning you: cast those things into the sea before they damn us all.

Temple Priestess says: Those blades you carry... they are cursed. Please, do not bring the chill of death to this sacred place!

Unholy Hidden Appearance "Bone Reaper" is unlocked via

We recommend you macro to check if this special NPC has been spawned by checking the credit for the

/cast Apocalypse
/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44188))

When this special minion spawns, he will say: "Why have I been brought back to fight for you?" and then give you credit for the hidden quest. The journal tells you about which can be accessed via a secret door in his room in ICC. At the end of his lab you will find Stitchwork, the NPC which you have to kill in order to get the appearance. Hidden Effect:

  • Chance on hit to finish off enemies below 20%
  • Chance on kill to leave the enemies rotten corpse discolored and swarmed with flies

Blood Hidden Appearance "Touch of Undeath" is unlocked via the

  • Chance to drop from the Withered Army Training scenario from Suramar. It is speculated that you need to finish the scenario with at least 400 points in order to have a chance for the appearance to drop. Hidden Effect:

  • Killing a non-elite humanoid or demon create will give you a stacking 1% damage increase (up to 10%) for 30 seconds.