Deepstar Aurelid – Secret Mount Guide

Deepstar Aurelid is one of the secret mounts added in the Shadowlands expansion. In this guide we go step by step on how to summon Hirukon, which drops the Deepstar Aurelid mount.

Step by Step Guide

1. Fish in Hirukon's waters until you get the Strange Goop (low drop) or purchase it from the Auction House.

/way Zereth Mortis 51.9 74.3 Hirukon

2. Speak with Baroness Vashj in Maldraxxus.

/way Maldraxxus 57.6 91.9 Baroness Vashj

3. Fish the Pungent Blobfish from the Pungent Blobfish Cluster in Zangarmarsh.

/way Zangarmarsh 50.4 40.9 Entrance to Coilfang Resevoir
/way Zangarmarsh 51.5 36.7 Pungent Blobfish Cluster

4. Fish the Flipper Fish from the Flipper Fish School in Nazjatar. Once the fish is caught, it will slip away. Click on the fish to grab it!

/way Nazjatar 72.9 24.3 Flipper Fish School

5. Get the Coilclutch Vine from the Ruins of Vashj'ir in the Shimmering Expanse.

/way Shimmering Expanse 34.7 74.9 Coilclutch Vine

6. After you have obtained these 3 items, go back to Baroness Vashj and speak with her to get the Aurelid Lure.

/way Maldraxxus 57.6 91.9 Baroness Vashj

7. Go back to Zereth Mortis and create a group to defeat Hirukon.

/way Zereth Mortis 51.9 74.3 Hirukon

8. Use the Aurelid Lure and fish from the newly spawned Aurelid Cluster to summon Hirukon.

9. Defeat Hirukon and Deepstar Polyp is yours!

Note: The person using the lure is guaranteed to get the mount, everyone else will have a low chance to loot it.