Free T-Shirt Day Micro-Holiday Guide (August 16)

Free T-Shirt Day is a Micro-Holiday in World of Warcraft. During this 1-day event you can get T-Shirts for free from vendors scattered throughout Azeroth.

Free T-Shirt Day: Vendors have been spotted in several locations throughout Azeroth selling t-shirts for... FREE!!! There are even rumors of entertainers launching free secondhand shirts in capital cities!

T-Shirt Vendors

During the Free T-Shirt Day Micro-Holiday seven vendors appear throughout Azeroth. Each of these vendors sells one T-Shirt for free as noted in the macro below.

Use the following TomTom macro with the Paste addon to set up waypoints on the map.

/way Stormheim 60 52 Gild Crewneck Gild's Crewneck
/way Talador 84 31 Tia Shortsleeve Tia Shortsleeve's Short Sleeve Shirt
/way Valley of the Four Winds 62 59 Jade Lovelyshirts Jade's Lovely Shirt
/way Grizzly Hills 50 52 Shuurt the Clothripper Shuurt's Precious
/way Shattrath 68 28 Selis Silksong Selis' Silk Shirt
/way Eastern Plaguelands 74 53 Melvin Shirtson Threads of Tirion
/way Winterspring 60 50 Shirtsi Clothpatch Shirtsi's Cloth Shirt

Outside of the Free T-Shirt Day Micro-Holiday you can purchase these T-Shirts for 500 gold each from Skin-Me-Own-Coat Dibblefur at 42.1 73.8 in Booty Bay.

/way The Cape of Stranglethorn 42.1 73.8 Skin-Me-Own-Coat Dibblefur


Entertainers in Orgrimmar and Stormwind are launching free shirts on the ground such as Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing, Scarlet Filigreed Doublet and Green Martial Shirt.

There is also a blue shirt that you can get for 24 hours: Free T-Shirt. While worn you will get the T-Shirt Enthusiast title.