Gara Hunter Pet Guide

Gara is a Void Wolf Spirit Beast which you can tame after completing a questline that sends you across Draenor. Make sure you are Beast Mastery specialization while going through the steps below to obtain Gara, as some dialogue options are only available as Beast Mastery.

Gara Taming Questline

To begin this questline find Gara and speak with her at the southern end of the Burial Fields in Shadowmoon Valley. "The spirit wolf does not acknowledge your presence, and continues to stare blankly at a crude grave nearby", therefore we'll have to get her attention somehow.

Find Mother Om'ra at the other end of the field, defeat her and loot the Shadowberry. After that, go back to Gara and show her the Shadowberries.

/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 45 66 Gara
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 44 57.5 Mother Om'ra

Now you'll have to collect six items by defeating and looting the following creatures in Draenor:

/way Gorgrond 45.1 52.8 Drywind Bonepicker - Crude Effigy
/way Talador 34.3 73.1 Gorebound Legionnaire - Wooden Bowl
/way Spires of Arak 69.3 42.2 Sethekk Prophet - Elder Incense
/way Nagrand:Draenor 71.4 35.1 Warsong Marauder - Small Fruit
/way Frostfire Ridge 25.4 10.6 Necrophyte - Torn Cloth
/way Frostfire Ridge 65 65.5 Thunderlord Giantslayer - Ancient Bone

Combine the items above to create the Spirit Effigy and then place it on the Disturbed Grave.

Mother Om'ra says: My soul... feels at peace... thank you.
Mother Om'ra says: Gara was my wolf, back before we forsook shamanism for these... dark magics. She wouldn't even look at me, not after I was tainted by the void.
Mother Om'ra says: The Lord of Glass, a void god who calls himself Xan, had taken my soul captive in the void realm. Fragments of it were... torn away... for use by the Shadowmoon here in the burial grounds.
Mother Om'ra says: But she wouldn't leave my side, Gara. Not until the proper effigy was burned, that my soul may find peace.
Mother Om'ra says: Thank you for releasing us both.
Xan says: How dare you set her soul at rest. Om'ra's soul belongs to the VOID!
Xan says: I shall take this one as compensation!

For the next step you will have to defeat Shadowmoon Voidtwisters until you get the Void Lantern. Note that this item will not drop unless you've completed the previous step.

/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 30 57 Shadowmoon Voidtwisters

Go to the Great Tree Valuundira in Shadowmoon Valley and use the Void Lantern. Click the Shadowmoon Voidblade in the tree and you will be phased into the Void Realm.

/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 60.1 38.6 Great Tree Valuundira

While inside the Void Realm, you will have to defeat Elder Voidcallers and Elder Void Lords until Xan spawns.

Xan yells: Your soul will fill the void!
Xan yells: You can never escape from the void! Your souls will be devoured!

Defeat Xan the Lord of Glass and then you can tame Gara.

You instinctively use Deterrance to avoid the attack!
Mother Om'ra says: She is being swallowed by the void! You must help her! There is only one way, tame her, now! Maybe you can find a way to reverse the process, and put her soul at rest, as you have done mine!
Mother Om'ra says: You've done it... thank you. Goodbye, Gara, my soul is at peace now. I hope... that you find this peace some day, too. I am so sorry, my dearest Gara.

Retaming Gara

If you abandon Gara, you can retame her by going back into the Void Realm and taming the Lost Netherwolf.