Glimr – Secret Purple Murloc Battle Pet

Glimr is a secret purple murloc battle pet obtained from Glimr's Cracked Egg. To get the egg, you will have to complete a hidden murloc questline in Grizzly Hills.

Finding the Glimmerfin Murlocs Clan

To start our journey in obtaining Glimr, we first need to find the Glimmerfin Murlocs, from whom we will receive several quests. They are located in the wreckage of a ship in the ocean in the south part of Grizzly Hills.

Find the Glimmerfin Scout that is located on top of an iceberg in Grizzly Hills. Approach the Glimmerfin Scout to scare him off, then pick up the Glimmerfin Scale from the ground.

/way Grizzly Hills 18.4 88.2 Glimmerfin Scout

Glimmerfin Scale

Quest: Glimmerfin Scale

Considering that this was a murloc unlike any we've seen before, who better to ask for assistance than King Mrgl-Mrgl.

/way Borean Tundra 43.5 13.9 King Mrgl-Mrgl

Thus, we take the scale to him in Borean Tundra in order to gather more information. Once we hand him the scale, he doesn't seem surprised that there is a new band of murlocs and gives us 3x Elixir of Water Breathing so that we can go and meet them, as well as a follow-up quest.

Glimmerfin Welcome

Quest: Glimmerfin Welcome

King Mrgl-Mrgl first instructs us to gather some food to take to their leader, and to show them what to hunt so that they can feed themselves. Just underneath the iceberg where we found the murloc, we will see a lot of Scuttleclaw Skimmers and Scuttleclaw Sandshells which we need to kill in order to loot 10x Meaty Crab Chunk that we then need to take Glimmergut.

/way Grizzly Hills 17.8 93.2 Glimmergut

A Big Horkin' Task

Quest: A Big Horkin' Task

Once we hand over the Meaty Crab Chunk that we previously looted, Glimmergut gives us the next quest and through creative use of pantomime, explains what he needs us to do. Namely, he wants us to collect a Pile of Blubberfat which we can obtain by killing Horker, after which we make our way back to Glimmergut.

/way Grizzly Hills 10.3 85.1 Horker

Seer of the Waves

Quest: Seer of the Waves

Upon delivering the Pile of Blubberfat to Glimmergut, he gives us another quest and instructs us to take it to the Glimmerfin Oracle. Once we hand over the quest item, we can continue with the questchain.

Pearl in the Deeps

Quest: Pearl in the Deeps

The Glimmerfin Oracle wants us to collect the Giant Pearl southwest of their camp. South of the area where we were collecting the food for the Glimmerfins, we can notice a big pearl leading into the depths which is being guarded by a huge sea serpent Gem-Eyes, which is in the beginning of the fatigue zone.

/way Grizzly Hills 22.3 93.0 Giant Pearl

This means that we need to be quick and swim down, collect the pearl and get back up and out of the fatigue zone when the serpent swims out of range of the pearl. It is advised to have some form of increased movement speed be it by a potion to increase swimming speed or more appropriately, an underwater mount, but it is not mandatory. We then make our way back to the Glimmerfin Oracle in order to give her the pearl. After we hand the quest in, we can notice a change; the pearl appearing next to her.

Trainer's Test

Quest: Trainer's Test

The next quest that we receive is to battle and defeat Trainer Grrglin which is located on an iceberg above the water.

/way Grizzly Hills 21.4 88.7 Trainer Grrglin

Trainer Grrglin has three aquatic pets and can easily be beaten by the use of 3x level 1 pets, preferably of a flying type considering that they are super effective against aquatic, but any three pets should do the trick, considering that two of the three pets take no action for several rounds every time due to their only attacks having a cooldown. After we win the pet battle, we make our way back to the Glimmerfin Oracle in order to take the next quest. Again, after handing the quest in, we can notice another little addition to the scenery, which is the murloc egg appearing on the opposite side of the pearl.

Wrap it Up

Quest: Wrap it Up

We are made aware that the egg needs to be wrapped in more immature seaweed, thus we need to collect three different types of seaweed stalks all of which are located in a fatigue zone east of the camp, surrounded by electrically charged algae. The three types we need to obtain are as follows:

The Young Seaweed Stalk is the furthest one away and is the easiest to obtain, only needing to keep close to the rock with no danger of succumbing to fatigue.

The Warm Seaweed Stalk is in-between the other two seaweed stalks.

The Bulbous Seaweed Stalk is the one closest to the camp and the one furthest out in the fatigue zone.

After we collect the seaweed, we make our way back to the Glimmerfin Oracle and hand the fresh immature seaweed to her, so that she can gently wrap the egg into it, and again, we notice the egg's model is updated and is now wrapped in seaweed. We are then able to take the final quest of the chain.

Guardian of the Smallest

Quest: Guardian of the Smallest

In order to test our strength and ability to care for a little baby murloc, we are told to slay the Great Mua'kin, a level 60 elite mob with 106k HP that has Spiked Carapace, located next to the debris of another ship east of the Glimmerfin camp.

/way Grizzly Hills 8.8 91.1 Great Mua'kin

After slaying the makrura, we go back to the Glimmerfin Oracle one last time in order to hand in the quest, upon which the egg hatches and we receive the Glimr's Cracked Egg as the reward. Using this item gives us Glimr.