Grim Campfire Secret Teleporter

The Grim Campfire is an Interactive Object that can teleport you between the Timeless Isle in Pandaria and Gorgrond in Draenor.

This teleporter can be very useful, as you can use it on a high level character, which will help you skip the entire introductory scenario to Draenor. You will port to Gorgrond and from there, you can make your way to Frostfire Ridge or Shadowmoon Valley to begin building your Garrison.

Timeless Isle Grim Campfire

The campfire on the Timeless Isle is located in a cave just off the coast of the area with the frogs.

/way Timeless Isle 67.9 76.9 Grim Campfire

Gorgond Grim Campfire

The campfire is located on top of one of the small but steep islands in the northeast part of Gorgrond.

/way Gorgrond 74 24.56 Grim Campfire