Gurgl – Secret Blue Murloc Battle Pet

Gurgl is a secret blue murloc battle pet obtained by completing a new questline in Eye of Azshara zone.

Level 60 enemies are present throughout the questline, thus it is recommended you complete it with a max level character.

Becoming a Pets Detective

Quest: Pets Detective

To start the questline for Gurgl, you first need to talk to Breanni at the Dalaran Pet Shop in the Broken Isles. You will be sent to investigate the cause of lost supplies alongside Fiona - Breanni's spy catching cat. You will find out about the Violetsail Pirates and their business in the Eye of Azshara zone.

Pet Up

Quest: Pet Up

After filling Breanni in with your findings, she will send you to the Eye of Azshara to help her supplier Zantini and his two pets.


The Coast is Clear

Quest: The Coast is Clear

After waking up Zantini, he will send you to gather the missing pet supplies, alongside with his pet turtle Speedy IV, which you will have to use in order to complete this quest. Speedy IV has three abilities: a spin forward that stuns enemies, a speed and a heal. Keep Speedy away from the crocolisks on the way, as they can easily one shot him!

Paw Patrol

Quest: Paw Patrol

After safely returning the pet supplies to Zantini, he will tell you that the Violetsail Pirates are to blame for the crash and the captured pets! You will need to obtain keys from the pirates along the west coast of the Eye of Azshara to set the captured pets free.

Gurgl and the Bandit

Quest: Gurgl and the Bandit

Once you return to Zantini, he will tell you that one pet is still missing - Gurgl, a rare blue murloc. Find the leader of the Violetsail Pirates, Iris Greedsway and defeat her in a pet battle in order to recover Gurgl.

After rescuing Gurgl, you can return to Breanni in Dalaran. She decides to let you keep it, because the little blue murloc got attached to you after you saved him!