Restoring Hati – Questline Walkthrough

For anyone who is willing to bring back their loyal furry friend from Legion, they can engage in a short questline to save and reform Hati. After all, how could you just abandon Hati after everything you've been through together?

Restoring Hati

To start this short questline, make your way over to the Battle for Azeroth capitals, namely, Boralus and Dazar'alor respectively, depending on your faction. In Boralus, the Image of Mimiron is right in the town center square, whereas in Dazar'alor, you'll find it at the Grand Bazaar, somewhat close to the flight master.

Spark of Genius

Quest: Spark of Genius / Spark of Genius

Upon interacting with the Image of Mimiron, he tells us that he's detected certain energy signatures in the Storm Peaks which he believes may be from Hati, and that there might be a way to save him, considering that his spirit is still bound to the player.

Thus, Mimiron advises us to make haste and meet him at the Inventor's Library in order to identify and trace these energies. The fastest way is to take the portal to Dalaran (Crystalsong Forest) from Stormwind or Orgrimmar, depending on your faction.

Telemetry Online

Quest: Telemetry Online

Mimiron explains to us how Hati was able to survive separating himself from the Thunderspark, but that there was a cost which came with it. We are then to assist Mimiron in narrowing down Hati's location.

Whilst Mimiron is investigating the energy, we have to defend him by killing enemies that spawn from the portals around the room, with Hivelord Karixx being the final enemy. Karixx's defeat will trigger the quest completion, so we can interact with the Image of Mimiron in order to accept the followup quest.

The Huntsman's Creed

Quest: The Huntsman's Creed

Mimiron instructs us to go to the Temple of Storms in order to absorb Hati's essence into the Thunderspark, but warns us that we shouldn't disregard the possibility of certain unforeseen circumstances occurring before we are able to finish with the restoration process.

Next, we will make our way from the Inventor's Library to the Temple of Storms. At the top of the Temple of Storms, we will meet with Thorim and Grif Wildheart. Interacting with Grif, we are able to start the process.

We are forced to fight against the Essence of Hati. After the essence is weakened down to 20%, we are able to use the Thunderspark to absorb his essence. After we absorb Hati's essence, Thorim is also set free and happily offers to help us restore Hati after hearing that the other half of Hati's essence is in The Wound within Silithus.

Quest: Paid in Blood

As we were told of the location of the second half of Hati's essence, we make our way over to Silithus. The fastest way to do this would be to teleport to Silithus from Boralus (for Alliance) or from Dazar'alor (for Horde). In case that you are not in the correct (present) phase, speak to Zidormi at coordinates 56.8 46.3 in order to change phases.

After we reach Hati's location and interract with Grif, he attempts to approach Hati calmly but is then snatched by Hati. Thorim then comes to his rescue and helps us engage and forcibly subdue Hati and absorb his essence using the Thunderspark as we'd previously done at the Temple of Storms.

After we successfully charge the Thunderspark with both halves of Hati's essence, the Image of Mimiron shows up at The Wound in Silithus and notifies us that we need to get to his workshop within Ulduar as soon as possible.

Spark of Imagination

Quest: Spark of Imagination

Considering that Mimiron is using all the power at his disposal to prepare for Hati's reformation, he is unable to teleport us there, thus we're going to have to make our own way there. The fastest way would be to fly to Magni's encampment in Silithus and take the portal back to Boralus/Dazar'alor depending on your faction, and then take the portal to Dalaran (Crystalsong Forest) and fly to Ulduar.

Once we reach the entrance to Ulduar, we are told to use the Teleportation Pad just outside the entrance so that we can be transported into Mimiron's workshop. After we use the pad we can make our way down to Mimiron's workshop and talk to him in order to start the restoration process.

Bonds of Thunder

Quest: Bonds of Thunder

After accepting this quest, we are told to follow Mimiron's instructions in order to secure the successful restoration of Hati, although the only requirement is to use the Console. Thus we place the Thunderspark within the Console next to Mimiron, which then starts the restoration process.

This eventually triggers a cutscene after which Hati starts following us again considering that the restoration process was a success.

Homeward Bound

Quest: Homeward Bound

After the successful restoration of Hati, Thorim asks us to meet him at the Temple of Storms in order to show us something. Mimiron gives us the quest to go and speak to Thorim, so we next make our way back to the Temple of Storms by using the Teleporter Pad next to Mimiron to get outside of Ulduar and then fly to the Temple.

When we reach the Temple, we can see that Thorim is there waiting for us and upon handing the quest in, he offers us the final quest.


Quest: Reverberation

Thorim explains to us the situation involving our bonds with Hati and therefore the link between the Temple of Storms and Silithus. We need to use the Thunderspark to summon an Essence of Hati in order to unlock the Thunderous Bond, which will grant us the ability to select the different forms of Hati at the Temple of Storms.

We place the Thunderspark in front of Thorim and are instructed to interact with it and recall our bond with Hati. This will give us a prompt of multiple choices where we can summon different essences of Hati. After we finish the previous steps, we are able to speak to Thorim again where he tells us that we are able to come back here and swap Hati's appearance whenever we like.

Changing Hati's Appearance

As previously mentioned, in order to change Hati's appearance, we can return to the Temple of Storms at any time and make the necessary change. We only need to interact with the Thunderspark and select one of the options.

The appearances are as follow:

  • Essence of Titanstrike
  • Essence of Eaglewatch
  • Essence of Elekk's Thunder
  • Essence of Boarshot Cannon
  • Essence of Serpentbite
  • Essence of Hati's Sacrifice

Temple of Storms Vendor

We also unlock two more NPCs at the sides of Thorim's throne and they are a Stable Master and a Pet Toy Vendor.

The toy vendor sells a few items that are related to Hati:

  • Hati Wipe - Removes all special effects from Hati.
  • Rubber Ball - Throw the ball for Hati.
  • Jolt Jerky - Feed Hati a special treat, healing a small amount of damage. Sometimes, Hati may become too excited and viciously lick your face, dealing Nature damage.
  • Voltweave Fez - Give the fez to Hati for 30 min.
  • Charged Sparkstone - Bring out the latent power in Hati's lightning, visually enhancing Hati's abilities.
  • Ironspine Protocol - Enhance Hati's constitution, allowing mounting for 60 min.