Heritage of Gnomeregan – Gnomes Heritage Armor Guide

The Heritage of Gnomeregan is the heritage armor set for Gnomes. To unlock the Heritage of Gnomeregan you will have to level up a Gnome character to 50 and then complete a short questline starting with Shifting Gears.

Note that the Heritage of Gnomeregan transmog set is hidden and does not show up in the Appearances Tab until learned. There are also no related achievements for unlocking it, therefore we have added the Heritage of Gnomeregan to our Secrets Database.

How to start the questline

Once your character is level 50 or higher, head over to the Stormwind Embassy and look for Ace Pilot Stormcog.

Speak with him and accept the starting quest: Shifting Gears.

Heritage of Gnomeregan

After finishing the questline you will obtain the G.E.A.R. Tracking Beacon and the Heritage of Gnomeregan: