Heritage of the Shu’halo – Tauren Heritage Armor Guide

The Heritage of the Shu'halo is the heritage armor set for the Tauren.

Since the Heritage of the Shu'halo transmog set does not appear in the Appearances Tab until learned, and there is no related achievement for unlocking it, we consider this transmog set hidden and therefore we have added it in our Secrets Database.

Heritage of the Shu'halo Requirements

  • Level up a Tauren character to 120
  • Reach Exalted with Thunder Bluff on that character
  • Complete the War Campaign in Patch 8.2
  • Complete When Spirits Whisper questline

How to farm Thunder Bluff reputation

You can gain a lot of reputation by questing in Mulgore, but that might not be enough for Exalted.

You can get the Thunder Bluff Tabard from Brave Tuho in Thunder Bluff, and then run dungeons in order to gain reputation with Thunder Bluff.

The best dungeon for farming reputation is The Mechanaar in Netherstorm. Run it on Normal difficulty over and over, slay every single mob you can find, and they will give you reputation as long as you keep the tabard equipped.

How to start the questline

If you meet all the requirements then head over to the Orgrimmar Embassy and look for Spiritwalker Isahi. Speak with him and accept the starting quest: When Spirits Whisper.

Follow the questline and you will unlock the Heritage of the Shu'halo.

Heritage of the Shu'halo

After finishing the questline you will obtain the Ancient Tauren Talisman and the Heritage of the Shu'halo: