Hidden Achievements in Legion

There are three Hidden Achievements in Legion that award achievement points and once you complete them they will show up in Quests - Legion.

If you want to learn more about hidden achievements then check our guide about Obtainable Feats of Strength, where we document every hidden achievement available in the game.

Drum Circle

Drum Circle - Participate in a drum circle at the Thunder Drum in Highmountain.

In order to get this achievement you will have to jump on the floor with the huge drum in the Hall of Chieftains (Thunder Totem, Highmountain). You can do it solo or in a group, and you will have to jump for a period of time before the achievement triggers.

Please note that if you're doing it solo then it may take 1 or 2 minutes to get the achievement, so don't worry if you don't get it immediately.


Zoom! - Help Zoom win the snail race in Stonedark Grotto.

In order to get this achievement you will have to help Zoom win the snail race by walk in front of the other snails to slow them down.

There are a few items you can use to help Zoom with the race:

  • Fragment of Desire - With this battle pet you can slow down the other snails by blinding them.
  • Gastropod Shell - With this toy you can summon and control Jerry which leaves a slime trail that can slay other pets.
  • Gamon's Braid - This toy increases your size.
  • World Shrinker - This toy increases your size.

They See Me Rolling

They See Me Rolling - Successfully deliver a Barrel of Storm Brew without taking any damage.

You can attempt this achievement only when the Rolling Thunder World Quest is up in the Broken Shore.

You will have to reach the end without the barrel taking any damage, which can easily be accomplished within a few attempts by sticking to the left side of the road, only moving to dodge a mob if it’s going up the very edge of the road.

If you fail, you can exit the vehicle (the barrel) and try again.