Hidden Achievements in Shadowlands – Guide

There are three Hidden Achievements in the Shadowlands expansion that award achievement points. Upon completion, they will show up in the Achievements Tab.

In the Hot Seat

In the Hot Seat - Survive Sundancer's wrath and earn the right to challenge him to a trial by combat.

To obtain this achievement you have to interact with Sundancer by using the Skystrider Glider and then Soothe him enough times, before you run out of health points. The mount has a high chance to drop for the person using the glider

Step 1: Craft the Skystrider Glider (if you're a Kyrian) or purchase it from the Auction House.

Step 2: Get the Sunrider's Blessing buff from the Ancient Memorial.

/way Bastion 60 94 Ancient Memorial

Step 3: Interact with Sundancer by using the Skystrider Glider. Since Sundancer patrols around the area off the cliff, the best location to wait for him is north of the encounter area, which is elevated.

/way Bastion 61.4 82.8 Sundancer

After successfully overcoming the trial, Sundancer will take you back to the encounter area where the Ancient Memorial was, and as soon as you land, you will get the achievement In the Hot Seat. You can then proceed to fight the rare in order to obtain Sundancer.

Toss a Seed to Your Hunter

Toss a Seed to Your Hunter - Toss a Faintly Glowing Seed at Gwynceirw, The Winter Wolf, during or after combat with the mire boggart.

First you will need to obtain A Faintly Glowing Seed, which you can loot off one of the plants that are scattered throughout Ardenweald.

After obtaining the seed, make your way over to the northeast part of Ardenweald, and find Daffodil.

/way Ardenweald 65.6 23.8 Daffodil

Speak with Daffodil to start the encounter. He will shortly play the harp and sing, which will irritate a nearby Rotbriar Boggart.

During the fight of Gwynceirw with the Rotbriar Boggart you will get an extra action button. Target Gwynceirw and then throw the seed at him to complete the achievement.

To the Moon

To the Moon - Wave goodbye to Athanos after he waves to you.

To get this achievement, you have to wave to Athanos after he waves at you once you're knocked off the platform during the Path of Ascension encounter. Note that the Path of Ascension scenarios are available only for members of the Kyrian covenant.

Make a /wave macro, put it on your extra action bars (not the default bars) and then bind it to your preferred key that you will spam during the time window when you get knocked. If you don't like key bindings, you can use the addon Extra Bars to add extra bars, but make sure to disable the option "Hide When in Vehicle".

/target Athanos

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