Iron Juggernaut Hunter Pet Guide

Iron Juggernaut is a mechanical hunter pet available in four different colors, which can be crafted from well-hidden parts found inside Siege of Orgrimmar. To tame Iron Juggernaut you will need to learn Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix, which is crafted by engineers.

To learn more about hunter tomes and how to get them check our guide to Hunter Tomes.

How to Craft Iron Juggernaut

To craft your Iron Juggernaut you will need to collect three parts:

You must be at least level 35 to craft and tame Iron Juggernaut, however at level 35 you will not be able to solo the raid in order to collect the necessary parts. For a smooth solo run we recommend you clear Siege of Orgrimmar on a character level 45 or above.

Paint Buckets Locations

Bucket of Green Paint can be found in The Cleft of Shadow.

Bucket of Blue Paint can be found in Kor'Kron Barracks.

Bucket of Teal Paint can be found in The Menagerie.

Bucket of Grey Paint can be found in The Chamber of the Paragons.

After you collect the two parts and your desired color, click on the paint bucket to combine the items into a new one:

Use the item to summon the Iron Juggernaut and use Tame Beast to make it your pet.

If you want to get the Iron Juggernaut in other colors, you will have to defeat Iron Juggernaut and Siegecrafter Blackfuse again to get Pile of Juggernaut Parts and Blackfuse's Power Core. Note that these items have a weekly lockout, so you'll have to clear the raid four times in different weeks.