Island Expeditions Rewards Guide

Island Expeditions are special 3-player scenarios introduced in Battle For Azeroth, where players sail to uncharted Islands in order to gather Azerite. In this guide you will learn what type of mobs are related to which rewards, and you are encouraged to use the Table of Contents to quickly navigate to the collectibles that you might be interested in such as Mounts, Pets, Toys, Quests and Transmog.

Island Expeditions Rewards are themed off the Island Denizens, Invaders and Creatures that appear during an Island Expedition. For example, if pirates are present on the island then at the end of the expedition you may receive pirate themed rewards such as,, and Broken Compass.

Choosing the Difficulty

While there is a higher chance to get loot on higher difficulties, you should run Island Expeditions on Normal or Heroic since that's the easiest and the least time consuming method to farm them. Group up with a geared tank that can pull multiple packs and you should complete them within 5 to 8 minutes.

You can also group up with other players and do Rabbit's Charm runs, as you'll be able to loot azerite without getting in combat with any creatures.

New Rewards in Tides of Vengeance

In Patch 8.1 Tides of Vengeance new Dubloons Vendors are being added to the game where you will be able to exchange your Seafarer's Dubloons for mounts, pets, toys and transmog items.

The vendors are Captain Klarisa for Alliance in Boralus Harbor, and Captain Zen'taga for Horde in the Port of Zandalar.

New mounts, battle pets and transmog sets are also being added as random rewards which you can get at the end of an Island Expedition. We have updated the tables below with the new denizens and invaders, and their corresponding rewards.

Island Expeditions Rewards

Mounts - Twilight Dragons - Kvaldir, Makrura, Murlocs, Naga and Saurok - Craghorn Yeti - Mogu - Pirates - Bats - Undead Cultists - Thunderscale Stormdrake - Moose

Pets added in 8.1 - Bat - Fox - Frog/Toad - Moose - Porcupine - Ravens - Thunderscale Stormdrake - Undead - Wasp - Worgen

Toys - Pygmys - Kobold - Hozen - Hozen - Troggs, and toys are not available in the game, therefore they are not listed here. Learn more about all the hidden toys in the game in our guide: Hidden Toys.


If you obtain the pets below you will get the achievement.

The following pets can also be purchased from the Auction House. - Pirates - Crab - Pirates - Vulture - Kvaldir, Makrura, Murlocs, Naga and Saurok - Kvaldir, Makrura, Murlocs, Naga and Saurok - Wind Serpent - Worm - Murloc - Nerubian - Mantid - Makrura - Yak - Yak - Turtle - Crab - Fire Elementals - Sprite - Earth Elementals - Water Elementals - Deers - Air Elementals - Kindleweb Spider - Scorpion - Gorilla - Goat - Scarab - Fire Dog


If you complete all the quests you will get the Tell Me A Tale achievement.

Weathered Pamphlet - Venture Co.
Strangling Root - Keepers of the Grove
Vorus'arak's Carapace - Nerubian
Broken Compass - Pirates
Murloc Eye - Naga
Battered Twilight Scale - Twilight Dragons
Elemental Core - Elementals (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)
Icetusk Fur Cloak - Trolls
Bloodwake Drinking Horn - Vrykul
Ancient Crypt Key - Mogu

Wriggling Mass - Faceless
Druidic Fur - Druids
Razorfin Hunting Spear - Jinyu
Glittering Scarab - Tol'vir
Venture Co. Business Plan - Venture Co.
Unscarred Black Scale - Black Dragons
Magical Spyglass - Pirates
Sonic Stone - Mantid
Ring of the Reefs - Kvaldir
Notched Coin - Hozen



Faceless Follower - Faceless
Frostwind - Trolls
Hydraxian - Water Elementals
Spider Acolyte - Nerubian
Swamfury - Mantid
Dark Animator - Undead Cultists
Duskhaven Suit - Worgen
Duskhaven Dress - Worgen


Feralbark - Druids
Firekin - Fire Elementals
Miststalker - Kvaldir
Spiritbough - Keepers of the Grove
Tranquil Path - Hozen
Whirling Dervish - Air Elementals
Fallen Runelord - Undead Vrykul


Dragonrider - Black Dragons
Headshrinker - Pygmies
Mrrglurggl - Murloc
Saurok - Saurok
Voodoo Stalker - Trolls
Wild Marauder - Yaungol


Bloodwake - Vrykul
Geocrag - Earth Elementals
Rattling Bone - Kvaldir
Razorfin - Jinyu
Tomb-Keeper - Mogu
Twilight Dragon - Twilight Dragons

Island Denizens and Invaders

NPC TypesRewards

Air Elementals, Elemental Core, Whirling Dervish

Black Dragons

Unscarred Black Scale, Dragonrider,,,


Druidic Fur, Feralbark,,,,

Earth Elementals, Elemental Core, Geocrag,,


Wriggling Mass, Faceless Follower,,,,

Fire Elementals, Elemental Core, Firekin,,

Hozen,, Notched Coin, Tranquil Path,


Razorfin Hunting Spear, Razorfin,,,,,

Keepers of the Grove

Strangling Root, Spiritbough,


Kvaldir,,, Ring of the Reefs, Miststalker,


Mantid, Sonic Stone, Swamfury,,,,,

Mogu, Ancient Crypt Key, Tomb-Keeper,,,

Murlocs,,,, Mrrglurggl,,,

Naga,,, Murloc Eye,,,

Nerubian, Vorus'arak's Carapace, Spider Acolyte


Pirates,,, Magical Spyglass, Broken Compass,,,,,,

Pygmies, Headshrinker


Saurok,,, Saurok Scale,


Glittering Scarab,,,



Icetusk Fur Cloak, Frostwind, Voodoo Stalker,,,,,,,,,

Twilight Dragons, Battered Twilight Scale, Twilight Dragon,,,

Undead (Undead Cultists),, Dark Animator (Undead Cultists), Fallen Runelord (Undead Vrykul)

Venture Co.

Weathered Pamphlet, Venture Co. Business Plan,


Bloodwake Drinking Horn, Bloodwake,,

Water Elementals, Elemental Core, Hydraxian,,

Worgen, Duskhaven Suit, Duskhaven Dress


Wild Marauder

Common Creatures

Bears, Crocolisks, Hydras, Spiders, Tigers, Wendigo and Wolves don't seem to have any rewards associated with them, therefore we have not included them in the list below.

Bats -,
Crabs -,
Craghorn Yeti -
Deers/Stags -
Fire Dogs -
Fox -
Frogs/Toads -
Furbolgs -
Goats -
Gorillas -
Kindleweb Spiders -
Moose -,
Porcupines -
Ravens -
Scarabs -
Scorpions -
Sprites -
Thunderscale Stormdrakes -,
Turtles -
Vultures -
Wasps -
Wind Serpents -
Worms -
Yaks -,

Island Expeditions Unavailable Items, and toys are not available in the game, therefore they are not listed below. Learn more about all the hidden toys in the game in our guide: Hidden Toys.

Island Expeditions Rewards Info

Please note that the data above is not 100% accurate, however our editors are working hard to keep it up to date as more data and statistics become available. Huge thanks to Jakob and Dykataa for helping us format the table above, and Piderman from the mount discord for helping us associate several rewards to the right creature types.

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