Island Expeditions Rewards

Island Expeditions are special 3-player scenarios introduced in Battle For Azeroth, where players sail to uncharted Islands in order to gather Azerite. In this guide you will learn what type of mobs are related to which rewards, and you are encouraged to use the Table of Contents to quickly navigate to the collectibles that you might be interested in such as Mounts, Pets, Toys, Quests and Transmog.

Island Expeditions Rewards are themed off the Island Denizens, Invaders and Creatures that appear during an Island Expedition. For example if pirates are present on the island then at the end of the expedition you'll have a chance to receive,, and other pirate collectibles as a reward.

Targeting Rewards in Island Expeditions

Some rewards are tied to invaders that appear in Stage 3, therefore you will want to trigger the invasion as soon as you possibly can. The invasion triggers when the Alliance and Horde teams have collected a total of 4500 to 6000 azerite on Normal difficulty (11k to 12k on Heroic, ~18k on Mythic).

To speed up the whole process you will want to avoid fighting the AI NPCs and looting azerite, so that they gather azerite much easily which will make the invasion trigger faster. More tips below.

How to Farm Island Expeditions

TLDR: Kill rares and elite-rares with priority, avoid mining ores and looting normal chests, avoid killing the opposite faction AI NPCs, avoid the Azerite in Stage 2. Make sure the invaders from Stage 3 have spawned before you finish the expedition so that you have a chance at additional loot.

Stage 1

  • Run the expeditions with a tank so that you can pull multiple groups of mobs and AoE them down fast.
  • Slay rares and rare elites (named NPCs) with priority.
  • Avoid mining ores, looting normal chests and doing quests.

Stage 2

  • The Azerite Elemental spawns. Just ignore it and continue clearing the island.

Stage 3

  • An invasion will occur with one boss and multiple packs of a themed race. Slay them and then loot the themed treasure chests nearby to finish the expedition.
  • If the invasion is marked by a portal on the map, then you should take the portal to the boss. It is unknown whether or not slaying that boss influences the drop chance, but if it's there then you should do it.

Choosing the Difficulty

There is a higher chance to get loot on higher difficulties, however you should run Island Expeditions on Normal since that's the easier and less time consuming method to farm collectibles.

Island Expeditions Unavailable Items, and toys are not available in the game, therefore they are not listed below. You can learn more about hidden toys in the game with our guide to Hidden Toys.

Please note that the data below is not 100% accurate, however our editors are working hard to keep it up to date as more data and statistics become available. If you would like to discuss Island Expeditions Rewards here is where you can do so:

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Island Expeditions Schedule

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)As some players have noticed, we’ve been adding invasion-style events featuring new types of creatures to Island Expeditions every week. Aside from adding a little variety, these also give you a chance to earn different cosmetic rewards.

Here's a schedule for the remaining events which will be added each week over the next couple of months:

  • Week of October 9 (this week): Water Elementals
  • Week of October 16: Air Elementals
  • Week of October 23: Black Dragons
  • Week of October 30: Tol’vir
  • Week of November 6: Twilight Dragons
  • Week of November 13: Old Gods

Island Denizens and Invaders

NPC TypesRewards
Air Elementals,, Whirling Dervish
Black Dragons, Dragonrider,,,
Earth Elementals,, Geocrag,,
Faceless, Faceless Follower,,,,
Fire Elementals,, Firekin,,
Hozen,,, Tranquil Path,
Jinyu, Razorfin,,,,,
Keeper of the Grove, Spiritbough,
Kvaldir,, Miststalker
Mantid,, Swamfury,,,,,
Mogu,, Tomb-Keeper,,,
Murloc,, Mrrglurggl,,,
Nerubian,, Spider Acolyte
Primal Druids, Feralbark,,,,
Pygmies, Headshrinker
Saurok, Saurok Scale,
Trolls, Frostwind, Voodoo Stalker,,,,,,,,,
Twilight Dragons,, Dragonrider, Twilight Dragon,,
Venture Co.,,
Vrykul, Bloodwake,,
Water Elementals,, Hydraxian,
Yaungol, Wild Marauder

Common Creatures

Bears, Crocolisks, Hydras, Spiders, Tigers, Wendigo and Wolves don't seem to have any rewards associated with them, therefore we have not included them in the table below.

NPC TypesRewards
Craghorn Yeti
Fire Dog
Kindleweb Spider
Wind Serpent

Mounts - Twilight Dragons - Saurok - Craghorn Yeti - Mogu - Pirates


If you obtain all the pets you will get the achievement. - Pirates - Crab, Sea Giant - Pirates - Vulture - Naga - Murloc - Wind Serpent - Worm - Murloc, Naga (Doesn't drop at the moment, possibly bugged). - Nerubian - Mantid - Makrura, Crab - Yak - Yak - Turtle - Crab - Fire Elementals - Sprite - Earth Elementals - Water Elementals - Deers - Air Elementals - Kindleweb Spider - Scorpion - Gorilla - Goat - Scarab - Fire Dog

Toys - Pygmys, Yaungol - Kobold - Hozen - Hozen - Troggs, and toys are not available in the game, therefore they are not listed here. You can learn more about hidden toys in the game with our guide to Hidden Toys.


If you complete all the quests you will get the achievement. - Quillboar, Venture Co. - Keeper of the Grove - Faceless - Primal Druids - Nerubian - Jinyu - Pirates - Tol'vir - Murloc, Naga - Venture Co. - Twilight Dragons - Black Dragons - Air Elementals, Earth Elementals, Fire Elementals, Water Elementals - Pirates - Trolls - Mantid - Vrykul - Kvaldir - Mogu - Hozen



Faceless Follower - Faceless
Frostwind - Trolls
Hydraxian - Water Elementals
Spider Acolyte - Nerubian/Spider
Swamfury - Mantid


Feralbark - Primal Druids
Firekin - Fire Elementals
Miststalker - Air Elementals/Kvaldir/Tol'vir
Spiritbough - Keeper of the Grove
Tranquil Path - Hozen
Whirling Dervish - Air Elementals/Tol'vir


Dragonrider - Black Dragons/Twilight Dragons
Headshrinker - Pygmies
Mrrglurggl - Murloc
Saurok - Saurok
Voodoo Stalker - Trolls
Wild Marauder - Yaungol


Bloodwake - Vrykul
Geocrag - Earth Elementals
Rattling Bone - Kvaldir
Razorfin - Jinyu
Tomb-Keeper - Mogu
Twilight Dragon - Twilight Dragons