Jenafur Secret Cat Battle Pet – Guide

Jenafur is a Secret Cat Battle Pet added in Patch 8.2.5. Jenafur is one of the major secrets added in Battle for Azeroth, along with Baa'l, the Waist of Time and The Hivemind.

Note: This secret is in progress! If you want to participate in the secret hunt then join the Secret Finding Discord and check the #jenafur channel.

Progress Macro

Use the following script to track your progress:

/run local N,t,d={"Amara Lunastar","Empty Dish"},{58076,58098} for s,k in pairs(N)do d=IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(t[s]) print(k,"=",d and "\124cFF00FF00" or "\124cFFFF0000NOT","DONE")end

The script will be updated as more steps and hidden quests are discovered.

Amara Lunastar

To start this secret find Amara Lunastar at 17.4 49.3 in Ashenvale and speak with her.

/way Ashenvale 17.4 49.3 Amara Lunastar

I have been gone from here too long, I do hope someone is watching after my cat.

> I will keep an eye out for it.

Empty Dish

Next you'll have to find Donni Anthania, the Crazy Cat Lady, at 44.2 53.1 in Elwynn Forest and interact with the Empty Dish inside her house. If you don't see the Empty Dish then go back and talk with Amara Lunastar.

/way Elwynn Forest 44.2 53.1 Empty Dish

Return to Karazhan

For the next part of this secret you'll have to go in the Karazhan Dungeon (Return to Karazhan). This part of the puzzle hasn't been solved yet, but here's what has been discovered thus far.

If you've talked to Amara, a few new things will happen inside the Karazhan Dungeon:

  • Two sets of kibbles spawn in the Opera Hall
  • 79 Foods and Beverages spawn throughout the Dungeon
  • Sebastian's dialogue changes


Once you have talked with Amara, two sets of 4 Kibble can now be found in the Opera Hall from Karazhan.

Karazhan Food and Drinks

A number of food and drinks are now also present in the Karazhan Dungeon. If you pick them up, they will stay in your inventory for 5 minutes. If you place them down, they will despawn after 5 minutes and 20 seconds.

There are 4 items for each food and drink, with the exception of Meaty Morsel where only 3 have been found, which brings us to a total of 79 items (20 unique items).





Old Apple

Stale Loaf

Marbled Steak

Wilderbew Special

Hidden Banana

Yeasty Hunk

Juicy Drumstick

Hoppy Mead

Lost Watermelon


Slathered Rib

Strongarm Stout

Orange Orange

Cross Bun

Meaty Morsel


Bunch of Berries

Dusty Bun

Fishy Bits

Ghostly Pale Ale

Tigger Oni and Llanthta made an Interactive Map App for Karazhan Food and Beverages. Check their website for more interactive tools (food ley lines, food shape maker, kibble shape finder).

Sebastian The Organist

If you have talked to Amara Lunastar then Sebastian's dialogue changes in Return to Karazhan. He will also perform a clapping emote when you speak with him.

You can find Sebastian The Organist in the Opera Hall.

Original Dialogue

Greetings! Behold one of the finest musical instruments in all of Lordaeron. It's a true honor to perform for the Master and all his guests. Take a seat in the audience, I hear a show is starting soon.

New Dialogue

Music is truly the key to happiness.

Amara's Wish