Long-Forgotten Hippogryph

With this guide we will be looking at the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph which was added in Legion. The model for this mount was present in the game for many years and was highly requested by players for a very long time. We will cover everything from timers, to general info, tips, tricks and more!

TypeZoneSpawn TimerExpansion



2-8 Hours


General Information

  • This mount is obtained by clicking 5 https://www.wowhead.com/object=251168/ephemeral-crystals located around Azsuna, these crystals will spawn in out of sight places and sometimes in the open.
  • Only one player can obtain this mount.
  • The crystals can be seen from a very far distance (400yd).
  • Clicking the crystal gives you an invisible buff, when you die you will lose this buff and have to go back and click the crystals you already clicked.
  • The mount will automatically go into your bags when the 5th crystal is clicked.
  • Legion Invasions have no known impact on the spawning or presence of the crystals.
  • The crystals spawn randomly in 98 known locations, and they stay up infinitely until clicked or the weekly server restart.
  • WoW Secret Finding has noted that there is two spawn patterns, both of which share the same spawns however the mount will be acquired a little differently. One spawning pattern will only spawn a single crystal and it'll have to be clicked before more crystals will spawn. The other, more frequent spawning pattern will have all of the crystals spawn at once.
  • When someone clicks all 5 crystals you will see a zone-wide emote in the chat that says...

"You hear a faint caw in the distance and then silence..."

The https://www.wowhead.com/object=251168/ephemeral-crystals can be seen from quite far away, once you're close to them and you click them your character will receive a purple rune effect and you'll get an invisible buff.

Below is a coordinate list compiled by the community, this is frequently updated and maintained by the WoW Secret Finding community.

To input these coordinates you'll need two addons. Paste and TomTom, once you have both of these you can input the coordinates through the paste box (the button will be found on your minimap)

Links for these addons are at the bottom of this guide!


/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 29.86, 35.92 corner crack between the hills on an island
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 29.91, 26.55 on island
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 34.58, 35.72 in cave, bottom of the hill
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 34.91, 17.10 behind the ruins
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 35.59, 37.80 next to tree - Llothien Highlands
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 36.02, 23.00 between two trees on road
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 36.55, 12.15 in the open; PvP zone
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 37.03, 21.66 by tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 37.50, 32.90 behind wall; bush & tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 38.69, 09.31 on green land, next to bush
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 40.30, 32.80 next to tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 40.55, 37.60 center of road, beside tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 40.70, 35.89 next to tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 41.50, 30.80 inside Llothien Grizzly cave to the right
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 42.23, 08.36 on hillside
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 42.66, 18.09 inside Runa’s Hovel Cave; on rock, between spine and skull
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 42.90, 28.80 behind tree next to Doomlord Kazrok
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 44.10, 59.80 on tiny hill, next to the ship
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 45.55, 17.25 next to lake, where lake turns to river
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 45.42, 45.38 next to tree, east of Illidari Stand flight path
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 45.03, 53.48 at the coast; inside the broken half of a ship
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 46.58, 53.60 between some rocks, by sleeping bears
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 46.59, 08.43 next to tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 46.68, 17.68 at the top of slope
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 47.00, 49.03 up on hill, behind tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 47.10, 25.85 next to the blue crystal lake where Senegos lies
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 47.15, 33.16 In the open; next to some water
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 47.30, 61.90 between two rocks, on hillside
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 48.04, 52.61 inside broken ship, Oceanus Cove
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 48.47, 48.12 next to two neutral giants, bottom of valley
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 48.60, 57.20 inside broken ship, Oceanus Cove
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 48.87, 45.61 on a rock
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 50.07, 07.78 on little rock, inside Lair of the Deposed Cave
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 49.24, 24.16 inside bushes, behind shrine, up on a hill - overlooking Azurewing Repose
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 49.28, 58.03 by broken pillar, right next to bride and groom
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 49.30, 31.50 south from Azurewing Repose, corner of hill behind bush
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 49.30, 50.55 behind the sleeping giant
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 49.43, 27.66 between two trees - a little hidden
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 49.80, 53.91 on cliff
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 47.93, 24.36 Leyhollow Cave Entrance: 2 Crystals
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 50.54, 20.37 Inside Leyhollow Cave! In the open next to a big crystal
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 50.16, 23.44 Inside Leyhollow Cave! Is very hidden! - it's inside the crystal formation, only the tip shows
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 50.00, 33.10 next to shells and hut in murloc area
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 50.08, 48.78 inside cave with some neutral NPCs at Shipwreck Arena
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 50.41, 56.93 in cave to left, close to eternal bride and groom
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 51.40, 37.60 underwater
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 50.50, 16,40 between three trees on left with unicorn horses
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 51.30, 65.20 next to tied rope around the poles
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 52.14, 31.67 by shrine
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 52.29, 25.10 off road, next to tree - a little hidden
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 52.40, 13.40 next to tree - Rhut'van Passage
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 52.70, 57.90 next to hill, close to giants
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 52,96, 35.94 underwater, next to Narthalas Academy
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 53.89, 63.52 by torch, inside alcove
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 54.37, 25.94 next to roots of tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 54.06, 27.61 behind cement hut, in bushes
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 54.74, 33.80 in lake, next to basilisks
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 54.60, 52.50 inside cave where Cole neutral mob is
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 54.80, 28.00 behind tree, next to lake
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 55.30, 55.85 bottom of hill
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 55.61, 10.19 up the side of the cliff
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 55.58, 32.75 bottom of cliff, next to tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 55.90, 29.40 inside the three pillars to right of Pridelord Meowl
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 56.48, 12.40 by pink flower
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 56.92, 38.92 at edge of land and water
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 55.70, 25.40 At the back of this Cave entrance at Llothein
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 56.25, 40.48 Under Bridge; underwater
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 57.40, 16.79 at Ley-Ruins of Zarkhenar, on edge of hill
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 57.07, 31.26 next to statue, in middle of circle
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 58.40, 41.70 inside cave with big giant
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 58.21, 24.52 by tree, on the top of cliff
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 59.80, 44.00 in cave at Ruins of Nar’thalas; on rock between spine and skull - Commander Eksis
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 59.06, 37.48 near female NE statue
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 59.40, 38.60 behind naga tent
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 59.63, 37.91 on edge of hill, next to tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 60.00, 27.80 behind tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 60.10, 35.00 next to broken pillar
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 60.13, 48.93 bottom edge of hill
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 60.15, 54.66 near shadowfiends, under little half tent
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 60.36, 46.67 to left of blue teleporter cave
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 60.90, 16.99 next to tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 61.15, 30.43 cave, on rock, to the right
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 61.66, 40.00 next to tree, near Eye of Azshara portal
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 61.90, 30.90 behind tree, up on hill
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 62.19, 54.70 next to tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 62.25, 35.90 by trees
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 62.34, 40.52 next to naga tent
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 62.65, 52.46 next to tree - Olivian Veil
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 63.53, 46.23 under tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 64.00, 53.00 Inside Gloombound Barrow Cave, to the left.
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 64.40, 33.19 near crossroads; near the table in The Empyrean Society Enclave
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 65.09, 50.81 under tree
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 65.48, 29.51 inside stump of big tree - Felblaze Ingress
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 65.51, 42.52 next to water; near bridge, in the corner of Hatecoil Warcamp
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 65.58, 38.43 On the hill
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 67.02, 51.90 outside doorway to building - The Ruined Sanctum
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 67.13, 46.25 next to the log
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 67.72, 32.82 down hill, near water - Felblaze Ingress
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 68.20, 24.06 north of demon camp
/way Azsuna:Broken Isles 36.49, 35.82 on the cliff at wellspring

Tips & Tricks

It's a good idea to keep track of where each crystal is! I've seen people use a variety of strategies to keep track of them.

  • Adding the coordinate of the crystal you found to TomTom.
  • Writing the coordinate down in Notepad or Wordpad.
  • Placing world markers on each crystal location (make sure to use different ones!).

The reason why we keep track of the crystals is that in the case you die or you have to log off, you can return later and click the crystals if they haven't already been claimed.

It's a good idea to look for crystals on your server a few hours after the weekly server restarts. Since they have a 2-8 hours spawn window it'll be a lot easier to find them early in the morning when you know you're guaranteed a spawn after a few hours!

Furthermore, the respawn window begins whenever the emote for the crystals being claimed go out, so in the event of them being claimed, it's a good idea to come back after a few hours to see if they are back up.

If you're having trouble finding the last few crystals, and your friend (from another server or CRZ) has also found some crystals, they can phase you over by inviting you to their party to click the last few! This will still count towards your invisible buff and you'll be able to successfully claim your mount.

Having Legion Flying will make finding the crystals a lot easier, there is a lot of water and hills in Azsuna so being able to traverse them quickly will help you greatly.

Further Reading

Below is a few extra resources to help you with obtaining your mount!

Ephemeral Crystal Album

Map Legend:
Red = Overworld
White = Cave
Blue = Underwater

Please click the image below for the full album.


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