Lost Spectral Gryphon Hunter Pet Guide

Lost Spectral Gryphon is a ghostly Gryphon Spirit Beast which is obtained from interacting with the Spectral Feather, located in Stormwind City. The Spectral Feather itself is located next to the Stormwind City flightmaster, in a bed of hay.

General Information

Type Zone Spawn Timer Expansion



15 minutes - 14 hours


  • You cannot see the Spectral Eggshell below level 45, however you can tame it at any level if you have someone click it.
  • The Lost Spectral Gryphon is a Spirit Beast and can only be used by Beast Mastery specialization.
  • The feather itself can only be seen by Hunters, however anybody can kill the Lost Spectral Gryphon once spawned.


/way Stormwind City 71 72