Lucid Nightmare – Secret Mount

Lucid Nightmare is a Secret Mount obtained after decrypting a series of puzzles from the Mind-Seekers, Azeroth's enigmatic riddle-makers. Lucid Nightmare is one of the major secrets in Legion, along with Kosumoth the Hungering, Riddler's Mind-Worm, Sun Darter Hatchling and Uuna.

This guide will be as concise as possible, and if you're looking into explanations for each puzzle then you should check Blizzard's official post with insights and explanations.

Use this script to track your progress:

/run local N,t,d={"DAL","ULD","AQ","DEEP","GNOMER","VAL","MAZE","MOUNT"},{47826,47837,47841,47850,47852,47863,47881,47885} for s,k in pairs(N)do d=IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(t[s]) print(k,"=",d and "\124cFF00FF00" or "\124cFFFF0000NOT","DONE")end

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to follow each step as they are described in this guide. If not, subsequent items, scrolls and locations will not be available or interactable.
  • After each puzzle is solved, an "Inconspicuous Note" will appear. Make sure to read it, and then use to macro to check your progress.

Note #1: Secrets of Ulduar

The first note is found at the top level of Curiosities & Moore in Dalaran.

It begins in the 2104059.
With a most pleasing sign.
(These letters will not always rhyme.)

Solution: Patch 3.1.0, "Secrets of Ulduar", was released 2009-04-15.

Go to Ulduar, and in the North-West corner of the XT-002 Deconstructor room you will find a Rusty Lever. Click the lever, and a 20 by 20 grid of Scrapyard Lights will appear on the floor of the room.

Solution: "A gear, the symbol of Mimiron, the most intellectual keeper." - Muffinus

Note #2: Mindcraft

1000 years imprisoned.
Surely it wears on the mind.

Head to AQ40 and make your way to the end of the dungeon. Go past C'thun, past the 3 NPCs, and at the top of the stairway there will be an altar with a Mind Larva on it. Click it and that will start a JewelCraft minigame.

"The key to winning the game, of course, is brains: match five brains in a row to win!" - Blizzard

Even though Blizzard's article suggests that's the only way of winning the game, multiple people confirmed winning after playing for a while (anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes). It's safe to assume that you can also win the minigame by reaching a certain number of points.

Note #3: The Chair

Deeper than deep.
Awaits your seat.

Before going further make your way to an Auction House and buy Shadoweave Mask, or craft it yourself if you have the recipe.

In the deepest cavern of Deepholm, the Crumbling Depths, there is a deep fissure to an even deeper place: the Deep Chasm.

/way Deepholm 58 25 Crumbling Depths entrance
/way Deepholm 63.76 22.51 Dark Fissure

"WARNING: You are about to fall into a dark fissure. You may not be able to climb back out again. Are you very sure you want to do this?" - Accept the warning!

You have now fallen into a Deep Cavern and behind the chair there is a Dingy Plaque which reads:

The plaque is old and barely legible. You can only make out fragments of each line of text.

Equip the Shadoweave Mask, interact with the skull and a new note will appear in front of the chair.

Note #4: It's Binary?

Where the shaded delegate may appear.

The 'shaded delegate' refers to the Dark Iron Ambassador, a rare spawn that sometimes appears in the Gnomeregan dungeon. Deep within the grinding, gear-filled city, you’ll find a wall with a series of 10 Numeric Consoles, which allow you to enter a digit from 1 to 9. Above these consoles is an Instructions plaque, which reads:

01110111 00100 10010110 10101
11110111 01100 01111111 01000
011010111001011010010110 10111101
11001 00111111 10010 01001001
10000 011010010110100111010110
01011011 11110 11110001 11111
11100000 00010 11111111 01000
10110111 10101 01111111 00001
10101110 11111 00110000 01000

Solution: Set the consoles to 1222176597

You can use the following scripts as macros:
Up: /script SelectGossipOption(1)
Down: /script SelectGossipOption(2)

Note #5: Nightmare Tumor

Games and toys are left behind.
When you awaken screaming.

This clue directs you to the Emerald Nightmare-affected areas of Val'sharah, where the Night Elves living there were driven from their homes by the Nightmare. In one particular home in Ash’theran, you’ll find a minigame, similar to the Blingtron's Circuit Design Tutorial minigame, which has been corrupted by Il’gynoth. The goal of the minigame is to uncross all Il’gynoth’s optic nerves by clicking on his eyeballs to swap them.

/way Val'sharah 66 36.5

Il'gynoth will also whisper "AL'KSH SYQ IIR AWAN? IILTH SYTHN AQEV." which translates to "Is this real or an illusion? You are going mad."

Note #6: The Endless Halls

What you seek is buried within.

Secret-seekers, naturally, would seek the Tomb of Secrets (within the Valley of Emperors) in Kun-Lai Summit, wherein secrets are buried. There, you’ll find an urn you can interact with to consume the ashes of an evil sorcerer (seems like a good idea). When you wake up, you will find yourself in an endless maze.

/way Kun-Lai Summit 53.4 49

The Endless Halls is a cruel, uncompromising maze, designed to confuse and disorient at every turn. You start in a nondescript room with foggy exits in the four cardinal directions (N/E/S/W), though some are blocked by rubble. Going in one of these exits will fade the screen to black, then fade back in with you in the connected room.

The goal of the maze is to find 5 colors of orbs (red/blue/green/yellow/purple), and deliver them (carried one at a time) to the 5 matching colors of runes. However, several mechanics make this much more difficult than it may sound.

The maze is arranged on an 8x8 grid of rooms. Each cell has between one and four exits. However, if it would have 4 exits, it's actually not a single room, but two two-way rooms that occupy the same space, but don't intersect. These Non-Intersecting Cross rooms are the first major source of confusing discontinuity, and also cannot contain any Orbs or Runes.

The second main source of disorientation is the edges. They loop around, but not directly. Instead, exiting one end of the maze will send you to the other side of the maze, with an additional offset. This makes it very difficult to tell what room you will end up in if you cross the edge of the map. You can, however, reliably backtrack from your new position to your previous position. Many players made frequent use of this backtracking to reliably navigate the maze without getting lost.

In addition, there is one final wrench thrown into the gears: the Teleportation Trap. Within the maze, a single room is the Teleportation Trap. When you enter this room, you are instead secretly teleported to a random room in the maze. Once you've identified the Teleportation Trap room, avoid it at all costs!

Developer Note

We sought to create a puzzle that couldn't be completed by just following a guide. Thus, the Endless Halls is randomized based on your player ID, as well as the day of the week. Very few players will ever see the same layout, and coming back the next day will present you with an entirely new challenge.


If you need help with the Endless Halls, we recommend you get the Lucid Nightmare Helper addon. The frame generates "rooms" as you move through the halls, which you can use to retrace your steps to the rooms you'd previously marked that contain an object of interest.

After you have found a special room, start mapping until you find another one. Then go back to the previous room to make sure that you haven't triggered the Teleportation Trap. Repeat this process until you have found all of the rooms.

Once you've dropped the fifth orb off at its matching rune, the next exit you travel through will takes you to a golden room with the next Inconspicuous Note.

Note #7: The Forgotten Crypt

The way is now open.
To the greatest secret never told.
A fitting end to your journey.

The clue here is a reference to a place in the world that has long been a secret to those in the know, but has never been used-the horrendously creepy Forgotten Crypts in Karazhan. In the game since the WoW's initial launch, exploration-focused players ventured into these crypts for years after each patch, in the hopes of finding some newly-added secret. They were perpetually disappointed-until now.

This time, sitting on top of a pile of bones near the bottom of this huge-but-empty crypt (within The Pit of Criminals) is a chest containing the Lucid Nightmare!


The Lucid Nightmare secret mount and all its clues have been decrypted by the Secret Finding Discord.