Lunar Festival World Event Guide (February 5-19)

The Lunar Festival World Event is a Chinese New Year-inspired holiday in World of Warcraft. It is themed around the honoring of the Elders, lighting lanterns and shooting fireworks.

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Every year the druids of Moonglade hold a celebration of their city’s great triumph over an ancient evil. During the Lunar Festival, citizens of Azeroth have the opportunity to honor their elders by celebrating their sage wisdom, sharing in magnificent feasts…and of course, lighting fireworks.

The celebration has begun in Moonglade, and your Lunar Festival Invitation is waiting. Join in the fun by dressing up in your Lunar Festival finery, launching fireworks, and paying homage to the Elders throughout Azeroth.

When: February 5-19
Where: Moonglade, with camps in Ironforge, Stormwind, Darnassus, Thunder Bluff, Orgrimmar, and the Undercity*
Currency: Coin of Ancestry

Lunar Festival Event Overview

There are a handful of collectibles that you can purchase from Fariel Starsong and Valadar Starsong with Coins of Ancestry, the special currency of the Lunar Festival World Event.

To get Coins of Ancestry you will have to honor Elders across Azeroth. To do that, we recommend using Candy Buckets, an addon which adds waypoints on your map for every Elder that you haven't honored yet.




Crown of Good Fortune
Crown of Everlasting Fortune

Crown of Dark Blossoms
Crown of Eternal Memorial

Crown of Prosperity
Crown of Infinite Prosperity

Crown of Courage
Crown of Boundless Courage

Patterns, Schematics & Recipes

The following patterns, schematics and recipes can be purchased for 5 Coins of Ancestry:

Heirloom Upgrades


To Honor One's Elders is the meta achievement for the Lunar Festival. To complete it you will have to fly all over Azeroth honoring the Elders and collecting their Coins of Ancestry, getting in fancy dress and shooting fireworks.

You will obtain 1 Coin of Ancestry for every Elder you visit. The section below covers the Elders and how to get to them.

You have to complete the quest Elune's Blessing in Moonglade by standing in the moonlight after defeating Omen, a raid boss that you can summon near the lake Elune'ara. The quest giver is Valadar Starsong.

You can purchase the items required from Valadar Starsong.

Use 10 Festival Firecracker in 30 seconds. Drag them to the action bar for easier usage, since you can press the key and click to throw them faster, and track the achievement so you can see the timer.

Use 10 Red Rocket Cluster in 30 seconds. As with the previous one, the action bar (even if you don't need to target the floor this time) and tracking the achievement helps a lot. Make sure to stand near a firework launcher.

To complete the achievements that require you to honor the Elders throughout Azeroth we recommend using Candy Buckets. This addon adds waypoints on your map for every Elder that you haven't honored yet.