Mage Hidden Artifacts Appearances and Effects

This article will cover how to get the Hidden Artifact Appearances for Mages as well as elaborate what their hidden effects are.

Frost Mage

Frost Mage Hidden Artifact Appearance for Ebonchill is called "Frostfire Remembrance" and is unlocked via Everburning Crystal.

Hidden Artifact Appearance

  • There is a daily chance when you take one of the 5 portals from the Teleportation Nexus that you will be teleported in Frostfire Ridge.
  • Loot the Everburning Crystal and you'll get the appearance.

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Hidden Artifact Effect

Ebonchill Hidden Effects:

  • The Council's Wisdom - Memories of the Guardians of Tirisfal have helped you understand Ebonchill's latent powers. Experience and Reputation gains increased by 5% in the Broken Isles. After completing the Memories of Ebonchill questline, you can speak to a Memory of the Council of Tirisfal NPC in Dalaran to get this buff once a day.
  • When you have Ebonchill equipped you can see the breath of nearby NPCs and players. Certain NPCs will also comment on how cold it is when you're near them, and then point at Ebonchill for being the cause.

Fire Mage

Fire Mage Hidden Artifact Appearance for Felo'melorn is called "Stars’ Design" and is unlocked via The Stars' Design.

Hidden Artifact Appearance

The Stars' Design has a chance to drop from mobs in Suramar.

Hidden Artifact Effect

Felo'melorn Hidden Effects:

  • Rarely, the corpses of mobs you kill will be charred black and smoldering.
  • Blood elfs in Azsuna and Dalaran will ask to examine the weapon and make comments on it.

Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage Hidden Artifact Appearance for Aluneth is called "Woolomancer's Charge" and is unlocked via The Woolomancer's Charge.

Hidden Artifact Appearance

  • You can use the following macro to check if you have polymorphed all mobs:

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  • Every day you teleport to your class hall there is a chance (Sheep Summon Daily Roll) for a Volatile Sheep to spawn within the Hall of the Guardian. When it spawns, spam right click on it a few times and it will explode.

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  • Next you have to find a Extremely Volatile Stormheim Sheep in Stormheim, and then do the same thing - spam right click on it until it explodes.
  • Head to the Tower of Azora in Elwynn Forest, talk to Cote "Shepherd" Metcalf and complete a short event where you'll have to kill a few waves of sheep.
  • After that you will have to kill Cote "Shepherd" Metcalf and then you can loot him to receive the hidden appearance.

Hidden Artifact Effect

Aluneth Hidden Effects:

  • Overcharge - Aluneth has recently absorbed power from a nearby source of magical energy. Arcane damage increased by 2% within the Broken Isles.
  • The weapon periodically speaks to the wielder.
  • Using Polymorph may turn your staff into a sheep head.
  • Aluneth will empower itself on magical items found through the world, with a stacking buff. Works while mounted.