Memory of Scholomance – Achievement Guide

Memory of Scholomance is a secret achievement unlocked by performing a ritual with Eva's Journal. Completing the achievement grants access to the original Scholomance dungeon, which was removed in the Mists of Pandaria pre-expansion patch.

Auction House Purchase List

Before starting this secret, purchase 5 Essence of Undeath and 3 Dark Rune from the Auction House. This will save you time by avoiding multiple runs back and forth.

Krastinov's Bag of Horrors

For this secret you will also need Krastinov's Bag of Horrors, which drops from the rare spawn Doctor Theolen Krastinov in Heroic Scholomance. Upon defeating Rattlegore, there is a chance Doctor Theolen Krastinov will spawn and yell "The doctor is in!".

If you don't have Krastinov's Bag of Horrors, you can bring another player that has the toy to bypass this requirement.

Heroic Scholomance

Fully clear Heroic Scholomance and then go to the Hall of the Damned, the upper floor behind Darkmaster Gandling. Use Krastinov's Bag of Horrors and look for a pile of bones with a bright femur at the end of the room. Approach it, and Eva Sarkhoff's ghost will appear!

Eva Sarkhoff says: No, NO! Stay away!

Remove the buff Surgical Alterations to be able to interact with her.

Eva Sarkhoff says: Wait... You aren't the Butcher? Has the cycle of torment finally come to an end?
Eva Sarkhoff says: Come, please speak with me.

Speak with Eva to get the Inert Spectral Essence and then loot Eva's Femur from the pile of bones on the ground.

Time and time again I am forced to relive the memory of the Butcher. I do not understand why you appeared in his visage, but I am grateful that the cycle has broken; even if just this once.

I fear our time is short, so I must be brief. I stashed my journal away where I thought it would never be found. If there is even the slightest chance that it has not been destroyed, it is paramount that you locate it.

> What is written in your journal?

I began to keep detailed records of what had happened here. Some of the atrocities were far, far worse than the words I chose to describe them. The world needs to know, so nothing like it ever happens again.

And yet, there is still so much left unsaid, so much I couldn't bear to write...

[Eva hesitates for a moment before regaining her composure.]

Find my journal, [name]; find it and gather five candles of Caer Darrow. Bring them and something else that once belonged to me to a quiet place upstairs. Set up a site to prepare for a ritual, the rest will come to you naturally if you allow it.

> Understood, I will begin searching for the reagents.

One last thing.

Caer Darrow is not as abandoned as it may seem at first glance. I suspect you may need to negotiate with the dead to acquire the candles. Take this, [name]. It is a piece of our own essence. It will allow you to communicate with the other lost souls.

Please hurry.

> Thank you, Eva.

Eva's Journal

Head over to the Viewing Room (the previous room with Professor Slate and many Bored Students) and loot Eva's Journal from behind a bookshelf.

Spectral Essence

Combine the Inert Spectral Essence with 5 Essence of Undeath and 3 Dark Rune to create the trinket Spectral Essence.

If your character has completed the quest Kirtonos the Herald before the Cataclysm world revamp, you will receive the trinket directly.


For the next step you will have to find 5 items throughout Western and Eastern Plaguelands and trade them for five candles with the ghost npcs of Caer Darrow. You will have to equip the trinket Spectral Essence in order to see and interact with the ghosts.

Loot the Caer Darrow Fountain Water on the water fountain in Caer Darrow and then trade it to Joseph Dirte for the Stinky Candle.

/way #22 68.9 78.9 Caer Darrow Fountain Water
/way #22 68.0 74.8 Joseph Dirte

Enter Stratholme (main entrance), loot the Undelivered Shipment of Smokes from a cart in King's Square, and then trade it to Rory for the Tobacco-Filled Candle.

/way #22 63.4 75.3 Rory

Loot the Trampled Doll near the Meat Wagon and then trade it to Sammy for the Ghost-Warding Candle.

/way #23 35.7 83.7 Trampled Doll
/way #22 69.2 78.7 Sammy

Loot The Deed to Andorhal from a wall inside the town hall of Andorhal and then trade it to Magistrate Marduke for the Authentic Andorhal Candle.

/way #22 43.6 69.3 The Deed to Andorhal
/way #22 70.5 74.0 Magistrate Marduke

Loot The Road Ahead from a wall inside the inn at Corin's Crossing and then trade it to Artist Renfray for the Imported Candle.

/way #23 55.0 64.0 The Road Ahead
/way #22 65.7 75.3 Artist Renfray

Memory of Scholomance

Enter the Scholomance building, turn right and go forward to the small room full of bones. Use Eva's Journal to perform the ritual and complete the achievement Memory of Scholomance. To enter the original version of Scholomance, simply interact with Eva's Enchanted Journal!

/way #22 69.8 71.8 Eva's Enchanted Journal

Leaders of Scholomance

Leaders of Scholomance is a new achievement added in Patch 10.1.5, which requires you to defeat Darkmaster Gandling and Kirtonos the Herald inside the original Scholomance dungeon.

  • Enter the dungeon and jump off the platform to the left without killing the two Risen Guards.
  • Open the Iron Gate, turn left, and proceed to the Great Ossuary to defeat Rattlegore downstairs.
  • Loot Rattlegore for the Viewing Room Key, then walk upstairs and turn right to return to the starting room.
  • Use the key to unlock the Viewing Room Door, open the Iron Gate to the left and head downstairs to the Headmaster's Study room.
  • Clear all 6 rooms (3 rooms on each level) and loot Blood of Innocents from Doctor Theolen Krastinov in Hall of the Damned.
  • After clearing all rooms, Darkmaster Gandling will spawn in the center, yelling "School is in session!".
  • Defeat Darkmaster Gandling to fulfill half of the criteria for the achievement Leaders of Scholomance.
  • Go upstairs, open the map, and proceed north towards the Chamber of Summoning.
  • Place the Blood of Innocents on the Brazier of the Herald to summon Kirtonos.
  • Defeat him and you'll complete the achievement Leaders of Scholomance!

Familiar Journal

Familiar Journal can be looted from a bookshelf behind Marduk Blackpool in the Viewing Room inside the original Scholomance dungeon.