Model GU-4RD-3R Hunter Pet Guide

Model GU-4RD-3R is a Green Mechanowolf located on the reworked Alcaz Island in Dustwallow Marsh. Alcaz Island is challenging to traverse, even at level 45.

General Information

Type Zone Expansion


Alcaz Island, Dustwallow Marsh


  • You must be at least level 45 to survive Alcaz Island and tame Model GU-4RD-3R.
  • To tame pets from the Mechanical family, you need to have first learnt how, from Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix, crafted by Engineers.
  • If you are not seeing the level 45 version of Alcaz Island, talk to Zidormi outside Theramore.
  • To tame Model GU-4RD-3R, simply damage it to 30% or less health, then tame.

Traversing Alcaz Island

  • Alcaz Island is a level 45 zone located in Dustwallow Marsh. It is littered with level 45 elite robots, and their Master, Doctor Weavil.
  • Flying mounts are not allowed on the Island, so you need to traverse the Island on foot or ground mount.
  • Turrets are littered all over the Island, making travel difficult. Use Aspect of the Turtle and movement abilities to rush past the turrets, corpse running if neccessary.


/way Dustwallow Marsh 77.6 17.2 Model GU-4RD-3R (inside Dr Weavils building)