Paladin Hidden Artifacts Appearances and Effects

This article will cover how to get the Hidden Artifact Appearances for Paladins as well as elaborate what their hidden effects are.

Protection Paladin

Protection Paladin Hidden Artifact Appearance for Truthguard is called "Vindicator's Bulwark" and is unlocked via Spark of the Fallen Exarch.

Hidden Artifact Appearance

Spark of the Fallen Exarch has a chance to drop from the Withered Army Training scenario from Suramar. It is speculated that you need to finish the scenario with at least 400 points in order to have a chance for the appearance to drop.

Hidden Artifact Effect

Truthguard Hidden Effect: The Light Reveals

  • Forcibly reveals hidden demons. Demons don't particularly enjoy being exposed.

Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin Hidden Artifact Appearance for The Silver Hand is called "Watcher's Armament" and is unlocked via Lost Edicts of the Watcher.

Hidden Artifact Appearance

Lost Edicts of the Watcher can drop from demons in the Broken Isles and Argus.

Hidden Artifact Effect

The Silver Hand Hidden Effects:

  • Might of the Silver Hand - The Light empowers you, increasing your damage to Undead by 100%.
  • NPCs in Dalaran will occasionally make comments about your weapon.


Retribution Hidden Artifact Appearance for Ashbringer is called "Corrupted Remembrance" and is unlocked via Heart of Corruption.

Hidden Artifact Appearance

You can use the following macro to track your progress:

/run local p,q,t=print,C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted,tostring p('Talked to Prince Tortheldrin: '..t(q(43682)))p('Talked to Alexia/Bardu: '..t(q(43683)))p('Slime can drop Timolain: '..t(q(43684)))p('Shard can be fished up: '..t(q(43685)))

Hidden Artifact Effect

Ashbringer Hidden Effect: Ashbringer

  • The Ashbringer has a chance to instantly destroy any lesser demon or undead creatures.