Rovendros – Shal’Aran Unlockable NPC

Rovendros is a hidden NPC found in Teloth'aran, a cave within Crimson Thicket. After freeing him from a cocoon, he will show up in Shal'Aran, the place where our favorite Nightfallen reside.

/way Suramar 55, 46

He can be found deep within the cave in a Wriggling Cocoon surrounded by spider eggs. Free him from the cocoon, and he will show his appreciation and gratitude, and then despawn.

I... I thank you. They were beginning to sound hungry...
I will make my way to safety. They will not catch me again!

Afterwards, will show up in Shal’aran as a vendor at the back of the main room, sitting along with other Nightfallen refugees.

You can check if you successfully unlocked by using the following macro:

/run print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(43795))