Shaman Hidden Artifacts Appearances and Effects

This article will cover how to get the Hidden Artifact Appearances for Shamans as well as elaborate what their hidden effects are.

Enhancement Hidden Appearance is called "Zandalar Champion" and is unlocked via Hidden Effect: Unknown

  • Guards in Orgrimmar and Stormwind will sometimes ask you if that's indeed the Doomhammer.

Restoration Hidden Appearance is called "Serpent's Coil" and is unlocked via

  • Chance to drop from mobs and bosses in Eye of Azshara. Hidden Effect:

  • While wielding Sharas'dal, in a restive state, a shaman can feel the ebb and flow of the world's tides. One feels the give and take of oceans and rain with each passing breath.

Elemental Hidden Appearance is called "Prestige of the Amani" and is unlocked via Hidden Effect:

  • Certain air and water elementals in Stormheim become friendly. - To be confirmed

Shaman Encounters

Interacting with "Restless Earth" or "Tormented Earth" Elementals will spawn a, or which you will have to defeat.

/way Azsuna 52.6, 13.6 Restless Earth
/way Azsuna 44.2, 37.0 Restless Earth
/way Val'sharah 45.1, 55.8 Restless Earth
/way Val'sharah 58.4. 73.5 Tormented Earth
/way Highmountain:Broken Isles 47.0, 33.0 Restless Earth
/way Highmountain:Broken Isles 55.3, 61.8 Tormented Earth
/way Stormheim 65.2, 40.3 Tormented Earth
/way Stormheim 53.6, 60.7 Tormented Earth says: Thank you, shaman. Without you, this world would succumb to chaos.

Speaking to a will spawn whirlwinds in a circle. These will go straight through the center of the circle and you'll have to dodge them. If you fail, the Air Elemental will attack you, and if you want to try again then you will have to wait a few minutes.

/way Azsuna 38.6, 25.4 Spirit
/way Highmountain:Broken Isles 29.4, 62.8 Spirit
/way Stormheim 61.6, 27.2 Spirit
/way Val'sharah 31.2, 61.2 Spirit says: Shaman, you braved the tempest with a peaceful mind. Your focus inspires me. Go now, with my blessings upon you. tasks you with gathering 10 water bubbles and bringing them back to him. Use and make sure to avoid the sharks that swim nearby or else you will lose all the progress.

/way Stormheim 63.9, 32.67 Hydrannon says: Thank you shaman! I feel my strength returning. Go with my blessing upon your weapon, and preserve the dignity of Azeroth's elements!