Shawn’s Glowing Diamond Ring – Secret Ring

Shawn and his Glowing Diamond Ring are a reference to a Blizzard Employee and his proposal.

He can be found in Nagrand (Outland), located on a flying rock just south of the Forge Camp: Fear.

/way Nagrand:Outland 21.5 53.5

When first interacting with Shawn, he looks at you expectantly.

(Shawn looks at you expectantly)

/wave at him that will open some dialogue options.

Is it you?! The person I've been dreaming about?!

Select "..." to continue the dialogue.

Before you ask, I don't know what this person looks like. In my first they were a night elf, in the second they were a tauren, and in the third a night elf again. In these dreams we'd adventure across Azeroth and Draenor fighting demons, dragons and old gods, and even murlocs!

I'd never had a connection like this before. It seemed so real to me. In my last dream I asked them to meet me here.

If you select "I hope you find them." then the dialogue will stop.

I'll keep waiting, I know they'll come!

If you select "I've had the same dreams about you!" then the dialogue will continue:

Are you?... You ARE! I have so much to tell you! Where do I get started?

Since our first adventure, I could no longer focus on when our next adventure would be. My friends would tell me that you weren't real, that I was acting crazy. That you're only in the dream. I knew they couldn't be right! The feelings I have are far more than a dream!

Every adventure we've been on, every foe we've slain, and every chat we've had has brought me to one question for you...

Select "..." to continue the dialogue. Shawn will get down on one knee and inquire:

Will you adventure with me... forever?

If you select "I'm sorry, I just can't..." then Shawn will cry and the dialogue will stop.

I... I understand.

If you select "Yes", Shawn will give you the Glowing Diamond Ring, a ring for adventuRING.

I don't have words... You've made me the happiest person! To our next adventure!