Sinrunner Blanchy – Secret Mount Guide

Sinrunner Blanchy is a secret mount added in the Shadowlands expansion. It is obtained from Dead Blanchy, an NPC that spawns in the Endmire within Revendreth. In this guide we'll go through the 6 hidden daily quests which are required to obtain Sinrunner Blanchy.

General Information

Type Zone Spawn Timer Despawn Timer Expansion



1-2 Hours

5 minutes


  • Blanchy's Reins is obtained as a reward for completing 6 hidden daily quests.
  • If you have completed one of the quests involving Blanchy, you will not be able to complete the next one until the following day.
  • Anyone can interact with Blanchy and accept the quest based on their progress; she will stay up for her full duration regardless of player quantity.
  • When Blanchy is close to despawning (1 minute), this text is displayed: "Dead Blanchy stamps impatiently as her form becomes less solid".
  • The following announcement is displayed when Blanchy despawns: "Dead Blanchy screams in frustration and then fades from view".

Finding Blanchy

Blanchy spawns on the river in the Endmire and quickly runs along it until she bumps into a player or reaches the end of the river. If you are waiting for her to spawn, it's recommended to stay near the tree branch as shown in the screenshot below.

Tip: When trying to find Blanchy to complete one of the quests, do note that sometimes there are groups listed in the Premade Finder under "Custom", through which other players can invite you to their realm where Blanchy may be up at that time. This is more productive than waiting for her to respawn for an hour or two every time you need to interact with her. Keep an eye on the group finder while you are camping, as it will potentially make the grind pass relatively quickly.

/way Revendreth 63.2 43 Dead Blanchy

Daily Quests

There are a total of 6 tasks that need to be completed in a manner of daily quests. These tasks involve collecting certain items for Blanchy in order to feed, befriend and eventually obtain her as a mount. The quests are very easy, which is why there is a limit of completing only one quest per day.

Day 1

For the 1st day, you need to collect 8x Handful of Oats, which can be found at Saldean's Farm in Westfall. They have a short respawn time, so it will take only a few minutes to collect 8 of them. Once you collect the necessary number, simply go back to Blanchy when she's next up and feed her.

/way Westfall 56.30, 30.10 Handful of Oats
/way Westfall 55.20, 27.40 Handful of Oats
/way Westfall 52.35, 34.90 Handful of Oats
/way Westfall 51.45, 32.40 Handful of Oats

Day 2

For the 2nd day, you will need to obtain the Grooming Brush from Snickersnee, which is found in Darkhaven, Revendreth. After getting the brush, go back and interact with Blanchy to finish the second quest.

/way Revendreth 63.36, 61.70 Snickersnee

Day 3

On the 3rd day, you will need to bring Blanchy 4x Sturdy Horseshoes which you can get from Discarded Horseshoes that are scattered on the roads around Darkhaven. Take them back to Blanchy and wait for the followup quest.

Day 4

For the 4th day, you need to first collect an Empty Water Bucket and then travel to either Bastion or Ardenweald. Afterwards, find a river, lake or a pond that will let you interact with the Empty Water Bucket from your bags, in order to fill it up and obtain a Bucket of Clean Water, which you can then take to Blanchy.

/way Revendreth 63.26, 61.60 Empty Water Bucket

Day 5

On the 5th day, you will need to acquire a Comfortable Saddle Blanket from Ta'tru, an Ethereal vendor in the south of Revendreth. After purchasing the saddle from the vendor, go back and interact with Blanchy in order to equip it on her.

Note that Ta'tru changes the currency requirement on a weekly basis, and therefore you may need a particular item depending on the week you're completing the quest on. Some of the possible options include:

/way Revendreth 51.10, 78.80 Ta'tru

Day 6

And for the 6th and final day, you will need to obtain 3x Dredhollow Apples from Mims in the Hole in the Wall, within Revendreth. After you buy the apples, go back and feed them to Blanchy, for which you will receive Blanchy's Reins as the reward.

/way Revendreth 40.85, 46.80 Mims