Sorrowbane Guide

Sorrowbane is an epic Two-Hand Sword that has a 20% chance to execute non-elite enemies below 20% health. Upon looting this hidden weapon in the Theater of Pain Arena, you will also earn the achievement Harvester of Sorrow and receive the battle pet Oonar's Arm.

Since this item is hidden in the appearance tab and requires puzzle solving, we have added it to our Secrets Database.

How to get Sorrowbane

In order to loot this hidden weapon you must be affected by four buffs at the same time: 1x Strength of Blood, 1x Potion of Unusual Strength, 2x Battle Hardened and 4x Edible Redcap.

/way Maldraxxus 51.4 48.4 Sorrowbane

Step by Step Guide

1. Purchase the following consumables:

/way 51.0 78.8 Ta'tru (Purchase Strength of Blood in Revendreth)
/way 53.6 47.8 Au'larrynar (Purchase Potion of Unusual Strength in Maldraxxus)
/way 53.2 41.2 One-Eyed Joby (Purchase Scroll of Teleport: Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus)

2. Invite a friend to your group and then convert the party to raid.

3. Go to the world quest A Few Bumps Along the Way and complete the objectives until you get 2x Battle Hardened.

Important: Make sure you are in a raid group when you complete the world quest objectives. In case the 10 minute buffs from Battle Hardened expire before you complete the next step, you will be able to redo the world quest objectives and get the buffs again.

4. Go to Glutharn's Decay and eat 4x Edible Redcap. After that, quickly use the Scroll of Teleport: Theater of Pain to teleport to the arena.

Note: The mushrooms have a low respawn rate, you might want to server hop if there are already players in your zone.

/way 76.8 57.1 Glutharn's Decay (Eat 4x Edible Redcap in Maldraxxus)

5. Go to Sorrowbane, use the potions Strength of Blood and Potion of Unusual Strength and then click on the weapon to loot it.

/way Maldraxxus 51.4 48.4 Sorrowbane

Upon looting Sorrowbane you will earn the achievement Harvester of Sorrow and also receive the battle pet Oonar's Arm.