Sun Darter Hatchling – Secret Pet Guide

Sun Darter Hatchling is Secret Faerie Dragon Battle Pet obtained from the Oddly-Colored Egg which can be found inside the Cavern of Consumption, a hidden cave in Winterspring that has many barriers, traps and puzzles. Sun Darter Hatchling is one of the major secrets in Legion, along with Kosumoth the Hungering, Lucid Nightmare, Riddler's Mind-Worm and Uuna.

Sun Darter Hatchling Puzzle Details

  • Any class and spec is able to complete the puzzle.
  • While inside the Cavern of Consumption, you will get a new debuff Consuming Silence, which prevents you from using spells, abilities or toys.
  • If you fail any puzzle you will be teleported to the cave's entrance.
  • Always stay on the cave’s path or else you can trigger an anti-cheat mechanism that will teleport you to the start.
  • You can do this puzzle multiple times, however you can loot the pet only once per character.
  • The Sun Darter Hatchling pet is cageable, you can buy and sell it on the Auction House.

Required Items

To complete the Sun Darter Hatchling puzzle you will need the following items:

The Caverns of Consumption Puzzle Location

The Caverns of Consumption can be found in Kalimdor in the north part of Winterspring.

/way Kalimdor 57.2 14 Sun Darter Hatchling Cavern Entrance

1. The Elemental Gates

To pass through the Fire Barrier you will have to use a Major Fire Protection Potion. To pass through the Chaos Barrier you will have to use all the other major protection potions.

Explanation: Chaos contains all schools of magic (Arcane, Fire, Frost, Holy, Nature and Shadow), therefore all potions are needed to pass the Chaos Barrier.

2. The Diligent Watcher

To path ahead is guarded by a stone gargoyle. To pass the Diligent Watcher you will have to drink Noggenfogger Elixirs until you are transformed into a skeleton.

Explanation: The Diligent Watcher can only detect living begins, so to pass him unnoticed you will have to be transformed into an undead.

3. The Wall of Vines

Two passageways are found next ahead. First go through the wall of vines by using Scotty's Lucky Coin and then loot one Water Stone from the water pool.

Explanation: The coin will transform your character into a forest sprite which can safely pass the vines.

4. The Water Barrier

To pass through the Water Barrier use the Water Stone that you've obtained from the water pool.

5. The Stone Watcher

The next obstacle you will have to face is the Stone Watcher. To safely pass the golem drink Dire Brew to become an Iron Dwarf.

Explanation: The stone golem is programmed to be hostile to anyone but dwarves.

6. The Three Passageways

After you pass the Stone Watcher, the way is divided in three. Downstairs you will see a gate full of barriers which you can pass only after you get the Sign of the First and the Sign of the Second buffs.

To get these buffs you will have to complete the two puzzles upstairs, the Wisdom Cube Puzzle and the Strange Stone Puzzle.

7. The Wisdom Cube

The Wisdom Cube can be found on the left path upstairs after you pass the metal fence.

Drink Pygmy Oil until you are morphed into a gnome, this way you'll be short enough to pass through the metal fence and reach the Wisdom Cube.

I am the Wisdom Cube.

> What wisdom do you hold?

I have been imparted with the knowledge of the timeless ones.

> What is your purpose?

I am capable of granting the sign of the first.

> What do you require?

My creators seek a most amusing heir.

The Wisdom Cube is seeking a Perky Pug dressed up with a "Little Princess" Costume.

Summon the pet, use the costume and then talk to the cube to get the Sign of the First buff.

(The cube rapidly reconfigures itself.)

Please place your arm beneath the cube.

> Place arm beneath the cube.

8. The Strange Stone

The Strange Stone can be found on the right path upstairs after you pass the ethereal barrier. Drink Ethereal Oil to become translucent and you may pass the barrier.

A strange stone sits before you. A glowing hole in the center is the main identifying feature.

The hole in the stone is at about arm height.

> Place arm in hole.

Your arm looks quite small in the hole, but nothing else of note happens.

If you only use one of the items, the stone will tell you that you need to become even bigger.

> Place arm in hole.

Your arm better fits the size of the hole, but still doesn't quite fill the space precisely.

Use the Gordok Ogre Suit and the Winterfall Firewater in order to fit the fist-shaped stone and receive the Sign of the Second buff.

9. Oddly-Colored Egg

The final puzzle awaits you! After you get both the Sign of the First and the Sign of the Second buffs go downstairs and you may enter the final room.

The first thing that you have to do in this final room is to read the Tarnished Plaque. Do not jump into the water just yet.

The greatest of achievements begins with the smallest leap of the mind.

The smallest leap of mind refers to the smallest intellect buff found in game, which is given by the Scroll of Intellect. To use the scroll you will have to remove the Winterfall Firewater buff as both of the items are considered Battle Elixirs.

After you get the intellect buff you can go and loot your Sun Darter Hatchling!