Terky – Secret White Murloc Battle Pet

Terky is a secret white murloc battle pet obtained from looting the White Murloc Egg in Borean Tundra. Terky's original source was from an iCoke promotion in Asia, however, the pet was made available worldwide in Patch 6.2.2.

How to get Terky

  • To find Terky, first head to Borean Tundra and fly to 55.8 88.1. This is in the Riplash Ruins, at the southern end of the zone.
  • Submerge yourself into the water and find the cave that is shown in the picture below.
  • Enter the cave and swim across, then swim upwards. You will enter a small room.
  • The White Murloc Egg is located behind the large pearl in the corpse of a Crustacean.

/way Borean Tundra 55.8 88.1 Cave Entrance
/way Borean Tundra 54.6 89.4 White Murloc Egg

Terky Fun Facts

If you use the Magic Pet Mirror and /dance with Terky, you will take out a cane and top hat and start dancing!

Terky's new source wasn't known until one month and a half after the release of Patch 6.2.2. Interestingly enough, the first person to find Terky was leveling in Borean Tundra.