Time-Lost Proto-Drake

With this guide we will be looking at the http://www.wowhead.com/item=44168 which was added with Wrath of the Lich King and this rare used to be one of the hardest mounts to acquire. Nowadays, it's still pretty hard but over the years the timers have been reduced and now we know pretty much anything to know about the mythical drake!

TypeZoneSpawn TimerExpansion


Storm Peaks

2-8 Hours

Wrath of the Lich King

General Information

  • This mount is obtained by killing an NPC of the same name in Storm Peaks. This NPC flies around on certain flight paths around the left and middle sides of the zone.
  • This rare is affected by scaling, as is level 67-82 and can easily be killed.
  • The rare shares a spawn timer with Vyragosa, what this means is that 2-8 hours after the despawn of TLPD or Vyragosa's body then either Vyragosa or TLPD can spawn.
  • TLPD has a 1/8 chance of spawning instead of a Vyragosa.
  • This mount can be obtained by a full party group.
  • Be warned if you're level 90+ as you will likely one shot TLPD with any spell or by meleeing him. There is a correct way of "tagging" TLPD so a full group can obtain the mount.
  • There are 4 spawn points, and each spawn point correlates to it's respective flight path.
  • Both Vyragosa/TLPD fly the same routes.
  • The spawn timer begins when the corpse despawns. It takes 30 minutes for the corpse to naturally despawn.
  • Vyragosa can be skinned to begin the timer early, TLPD cannot be skinned.
  • TLPD/Vyragosa does not despawn naturally. The only exception is a server reset where they will despawn.
  • The addon SilverDragon will show a popup whenever a rare NPC has been sighted via Target, Vignettes, Mouseover or Nameplates.
  • Warmode is a good way of finding TLPD since it will likely have less competition across every realm.

The Time-Lost Proto-Drake, the rare which drops the mount of the same name.

Vyragosa, the rare which is part of the Frostbitten achievement and shares a spawn timer with TLPD.


Each individual person's claim on the rare is known as a "tag" and we usually do this with an item that doesn't harm the rare but still tells the system that it belongs to us.

Safe Tagging

Aka Faction Restricted Tagging, by doing a small bit of damage to mobs, you can guarantee loot for yourself in every situation.

Unsafe Tagging

Aka Faction Unrestricted Tagging, by doing NO damage to mobs you only guarantee loot against people of the same faction who kill the rare. If the enemy faction kills it you WILL lose loot by using these methods.

If the enemy faction kills the rare and you’ve tagged with the above or with a root, stun or a taunt, neither you/your party nor the other faction that tagged will receive loot.

Using the Safe Tagging options will prevent you from losing loot, and allows you to hold TLPD for your friends or camping partners without risk (unless you’re on Warmode).

Tips & Tricks


It's a good idea to keep track of each kill, that way you can calculate when the next spawn time will be and you can return to the zone.

Just remember! Vyragosa and TLPD's body stays around for 30 minutes after being killed, so if you don't want to advertise the Vyragosa kill to everybody in the zone it might be a good idea to take up skinning.


Camping has been a method used by a lot of people since the TLPD was discovered back in Wrath. There are four spawn points so you only need 3 other people!

The idea is pretty simple, everybody just sits at one spawn point - if Vyragosa spawns, you can kill and skin her.

Return 2-8 hours later and you can begin the process again, if TLPD comes up however be sure to announce it to the rest of your party members! Use the sharing instructions mentioned above in this article.

The coordinates for the spawn points can be found at the bottom of this article.


Below is the coordinate list of TLPD/Vyragosa spawn points, this is maintained by the WoW Secret Finding community.

To input these coordinates you'll need two addons. Paste and TomTom, once you have both of these you can input the coordinates through the paste box (the button will be found on your minimap)

Links for these addons are at the bottom of this guide!

/way Storm Peaks 31, 69 Frozen Lake
/way Storm Peaks 51, 70 Brunn Village
/way Storm Peaks 35, 76 Waterfall
/way Storm Peaks 52, 34 Ulduar Ravine

Further Reading

Below is a few extra resources to help you with obtaining your mount!

Target Macro

This macro was made by Yuyuli from the WoW Secret Finding community!

It works for every rare including TLPD/Vyragosa.

/tar Time-Lost
/tar Aeonaxx
/tar Blood Seeker
/tar Poseidus
/tar Vyragosa
/run local N = UnitName("Target");if N and (N=="Aeonaxx" or string.find(N,"Time-Lost") or N=="Poseidus") then PlaySound(13363);print(date(),N,"Found");SetRaidTarget("target",8);end

Flight Route Map

This is a map of the TLPD/Vyragosa routes that they fly in the Storm Peaks.

Map Legend:
Red = Brun Village Spawn
Yellow = Bors Spawn
Blue = Frozen Lake Spawn
Green = Ulduar Spawn

Optimal Route

This optimal route was put together by Alascene from the WoW Secret Finding community!

Use this if you're trying to find TLPD/Vyragosa but you're not sure where you should start looking!

Map Legend:
Red = Starting Point
Black = Route


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