Treasure Hunt: Wan’be’s Buried Goods

Treasure Hunting is a challenging and fun mini game in which players follow a trail of clues in order to find the hidden treasure. This is also the case for Wan'be's Buried Goods, one of the treasure hunts available to Horde players in Battle for Azeroth.

To start this treasure hunt you have to get the Ghostly Explorer's Skull from Hoarder Jena, the emissary vendor for the Voldunai.

Ghostly Explorer's Skull

Place the Ghostly Explorer's Skull on the floor anywhere to summon the spirit of Wan'be the Explorer. Speak with Wan'be to open a dialogue window where he expresses his thoughts.

When we go'n ta visit somewhere nice?
This place look interestin.
Ooh, where we be today?
Tis a bit cold here isn't it? Or dat just me?
Dis place seems pleasant. I could haunt here.

Wan'be will also mention a thought or an anecdote that hints to a specific location in Azeroth. You'll have to take the skull to those locations and serve as a guide to Wan'be in his afterlife.

Step 1: The sabers in the snow

You ever see a saber in the snow? That be a crazy idea, snow that is.

You will have to take him to Winterspring, specifically to Frostsaber Rock, located at the northernmost part of the area, since this is where most of the snow sabercats live in Azeroth.

Once in Frostsaber Rock use the skull to summon Wan'be and then speak with him.

> This what you had in mind?

I think I feel colder, that possible?

Step 2: Biggest reptiles of all time

We got da' big reptiles in Zandalar, nun be big'r in all of time.

This time you'll have to take the skull to Zaladormu in the Caverns of Time, to prove Wan'be wrong, since Zaladormu is bigger than most dinosaurs in Zandalar.

You will have to place the skull on the floor in front of Zaladormu, NOT on the platform he's laying on.

> You were saying?

That tis not a real reptile... Don't tell him I said that.

Step 3: The flooded desert racing track

You know, I almost setup a racing ring in Vol'dun. Me partner worried another cataclysm might put us under water and backed out. Plus we had no money, dey took it, when we exiled.

This hints towards a racing track in a desert, which was submerged underwater by the Cataclysm: the Raceway Ruins in Thousand Needles. You will find the Raceway Ruins under Fizzle and Pozzik's Speedbarge, the ship in the middle of the water.

Note that you must summon the skull underwater to get the right dialogue. Speak with Wan'be to continue.

/way Thousand Needles 78.8 77

> You gesture around the area.

Ok, so it can hap'n... you be turning blue... and don't you be leav'n me here.

Step 4: Living in a volcano

Did I tell ya, I ov'r heard one of those charcoal half pints claim he lived in a volcano.

The hint this time points to Blackrock Mountain where Dark Iron dwarves live. You'll have to place the skull inside Blackrock Mountain and then speak to Wan'be.

> It's hot in here.

Wan'be: I feel'n fine. Seems like a cozy place.

Step 5: The buried goods

After all the steps have been completed, you'll have a final conversation with Wan'be.

> You have something you want to talk about?
Wan'be: I have to admit, you be da best guide a skull could ask for.

> Thanks, I guess...
Wan'be: I feel I's owe you your deposit from way back. So I be lett'n you in on my buried goods.

> Buried goods?
Wan'be: Yeah, sometin I tucked away before they caught me. All you need ta do is find the tower just off the Rootway near the river in Nazmir. It be der at the foot.

After finishing the conversation, you will be able to find and loot Wan'be's Buried Goods. The hint is a bit misleading, since the goods aren't in Nazmir, but in Zuldazar, although very close to the river that separates one from the other.

Use the following TomTom command while in Zuldazar, but outside Dazar'alor.

/way 63.6 9.8 Wan'be's Buried Goods

When you loot the goods you will receive 120 gold. Wan'be will also appear and say:

There, should even be enough for a tip!