Waycrest Manor Secret – Musical Easter Egg

At the end of the Immersive Sounds of Azeroth panel at Blizzcon, Blizzard's Sound Team revealed that there is a secret in Waycrest Manor.

If you're into secrets I think it's worth noting here today that Lady Waycrest has offered tribute and is waiting for you to find a little musical surprise.

Note: This secret does not have a collectible reward. We recommend you mark it as "Collected" in our Secrets Database after you have read about it.

How to Trigger the Secret

Throughout Waycrest Manor there are multiple pipe organs afflicted by drust magic. You will have to dissipate the magic by defeating the witch that spawns when you approach the organs. Upon doing so Lady Waycrest becomes angry and slams her hands on the keyboard, playing a discord chord.

After you have defeated all 5 witches, clear the rest of the instance then return to "The Grand Foyer" at the entrance.

Wait a few minutes and music similar to music from other Blizzard games will start playing!

Easter Egg Music

The music will play and loop in the order of the 6 tracks that you can preview here. The organ sounds are references to music from other Blizzard games.