WoW Patch 8.2 Preview – Rise of Azshara

Welcome to our Patch 8.2 Preview - Rise of Azshara! This guide highlights the major topics and implementations of this patch, which will help you easily track and choose which content to tackle first.

Whether you are a mount or pet lover, a story and lore enthusiast, PvP or PvE veteran, you will almost certainly find something of interest that you will look forward to in the coming patch.

Note: Patch 8.2 hasn't been deplayed to the PTR yet. Once it makes it to the PTR, we're going to update this post with the new content and features of the patch.

Table of Contents


After the dust has settled post-Assault on Dazar'alor, a recurring foe sees the perfect opportunity to strike after both the Horde and the Alliance have been weakened, both on land and especially at sea. From the wide and deep blue beyond, Naga are making a return from the ancient lost city of Nazjatar.

The map of the zone looks as follows, where we will face off in a long-awaited battle against Queen Azshara, and her Naga army.

The Horde and Alliance will engage in new story quests and befriend former Naga slaves, Sea Giants, Makrura and similar, in the hopes of reaching the Queen and flying their factions' colours high in victory. We will, of course be seeing new enemies that inhabit the depths of the oceans.

New mounts such as the crab and sea horse are just some of the many new rewards we will be able to obtain once we invade Nazjatar. Not to forget that adorable little baby Naga pet wielding a tiny fork.

New Raid: Azshara's Eternal Palace

The new raid 'tier' will be Azshara's Eternal Palace, within Nazjatar. It will feature 8 bosses, where one encounter will be featured in a Naga hatchery, as well as against a completely underwater boss, just before Queen Azshara herself.


Mechagon is an ancient gnome city that is inhabited Mechagnomes and ruled by King Mechagon. The hierarchy they have is that the more robot parts you have, the higher you are ranked in their society. Both factions will befriend junker gnomes who rebelled against their hierarchy, and engage in quests with them, in order to learn more about them, their lifestyle, culture and history.

Inside Mechagon, we will find the Megadungeon, a dungeon that has 8 bosses with King Mechagon himself acting as the final boss. This dungeon is very vast and will be split up into two wings at some point, similar to how Upper and Lower Karazhan were implemented during Legion. It will be released as a Mythic-only dungeon, but it will most likely have other difficulties added as well as the time passes.

BFA PvP Season 3

With 8.2, the Mechagon Arena will be added to the list of arenas. We will also have Nazjatar-themed dungeon affixes, increases to item levels, as well as a new PvP season.

The new season's PvP mounts include Vicious Basilisks and a new Gladiator Proto-Drake.

The Story Continues

The main focus of the story of BfA is Sylvanas' rise to power, and we will be witnessing events unfold which will (for now) culminate in our arrival to Nazjatar. We will also continue helping our friend Magni in his efforts to help and heal Azeroth.


With 8.2, flying will be added, as well as the Pathfinder, Part 2 achievement. Those who finish the requirements will be able to take to the skies within the zones of BfA. With that, we will be getting a few unique flying mounts such as bees and mechanical parrots.

New Heritage Armor Sets

Two new races will be getting Heritage Armor transmog sets, which are the Tauren and the Gnomes.

New Islands

Two new islands are planned to debut in 8.2 and they are Crestfall and Snowblossom Village. Crestfall is an island themed from the RTS game Warcraft, and Snowblossom Village is a pandaren-themed island.

Heroic Warfronts

The long-awaited Heroic Warfronts will also be coming with the Rise of Azshara patch. You will be able to queue up with 9 to 19 players, and if you win the Warfront you will get better rewards than the normal ones.

System Changes

  • Azerite Armor & Heart of Azeroth improvements (all traits will be unlocked, the Heart of Azeroth will have different powers as you level it up, the powers will be themed based of content that you do)
  • The Bodyguard System returns
  • A Caverns of Time portal will be added back
  • Transmog Customization: you will be able to hide every slot except pants