Arachnodrones Hunter Pets Guide

The, and are three Mechanical spiders found on Alcaz Island, in Dustwallow Marsh. Alcaz Island is difficult to survive, even at level 110.


Mechanical Spider

Alcaz Island, Dustwallow Marsh


General Information

Taming the Arachnodrones

  1. Obtain the off You need three total, and can buy them off the Auction House. Doctor Weavil can be soloed with decent gear, however you can bring friends if you need help. It is easiest to solo as Beast Mastery. Ensure to interrupt
  2. After obtaining an Electrified Key, locate your desired Arachnodrones, and use the Key to activate it.
  3. Damage the Arachnodrones to or below 30% health to be able to tame it. Ensure to interrupt, or it will heal to full health. If you accidentally kill it, you will need a new key.

Traversing Alcaz Island


/way Dustwallow Marsh 76,22 Golden Arachnodrone (in tower)
/way Dustwallow Marsh 76.7,20 Silver Arachnodrone (underground, entrance next to Dr Weavils building)
/way Dustwallow Marsh 75, 14.8 Copper Arachnodrone (outside building)

Arachnodrone Colours