Gara Hunter Pet Guide is a Void Wolf Spirit Beast which you can tame after a lengthy storyline, sending you across Draenor. Ensure you are Beast Mastery specialization while going through the steps below to obtain Gara, as some dialogue options are only available as Beast Mastery.


Void Wolf

Shadowmoon Valley

Warlords of Draenor

Taming Method

  • Talk to Gara at the southern end of the Burial Fields in Shadowmoon Valley. Choose to ‘scratch behind her ears’.
  • At the other end of the field, kill Mother Om’ra. Loot the Shadowberry.
  • Go back to Gara and choose ‘show Gara the Shadowberries’.
  • Collect the six following items from across Draenor, by killing and looting the following:
  • Combine the above items to create the Spirit Effigy.
  • Kill and loot Shadowmoon Voidtwisters in Shadowmoon Valley until you obtain the Void Lantern. Note that you cannot obtain this until you’ve completed the previous step.
  • Go to Great Tree Valuundira in Shadowmoon Valley and use the Void Lantern. Click the dagger in the tree. You will be phased into the void realm.
  • Kill Elder Voidcallers and Elder Voidlords until Xan, Lord of Glass spawns.
  • Kill Xan, Lord of Glass, and then you are able to tame Gara.

General Information


/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 45, 65.8 Talk to Gara
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 44, 57.3 Kill Mother Om'ra and loot
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 45, 65.8 Show Gara the Shadowberries
/way Gorgrond 45.1, 52.8 Drywind Bonepicker - Crude Effigy
/way Talador 35.1, 73.6 Gorebound Legionnaire - Wooden Bowl
/way Spires of Arak 69.3, 42.2 Sethekk Prophet - Elder Insence
/way Nagrand 71.6, 34.2 Warsong Marauder - Small Fruit
/way Frostfire Ridge 25.4, 10.6 Necrophyte - Torn Cloth
/way Frostfire Ridge 64.4, 65.4 Thunderlord Giantslayer - Ancient Bone
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 29.8, 56.8 Kill and loot Voidtwisters to get the Void Lantern
/way Shadowmoon Valley:Draenor 60.2, 38.7 Click the dagger in the tree