Sabertron Hunter Pet Guide is a Mechanical Cat located in Stormsong Valley.


Mechanical Cat

Stormsong Valley

Battle for Azeroth

General Information

  • You must be at least level 120 to tame Sabertron.
  • To tame pets from the Mechanical family, you need to have first learnt how, from, crafted by Engineers.
  • Sabertron is by default red, but it changes colors depending on if the world quest Sabertron is up, spawning as a new color every quest. The colors are Red, Yellow, Green, Orange and Copper.
  • Make sure not to complete the World Quest, as after that only red Sabertrons will spawn. In case you completed the World Quest, you can wait for other players, or ask a friend to come and start the quest.
  • Sabertron is also tied to the achievement, making this tame really difficult.

Tips to Tame

  • Sabertron is difficult to tame as it is tied to a World Quest, Achievement and is still current content. This means many people will be trying to kill or tame it. The easiest way to tame Sabertron is to attempt to phase onto an RP realm, as they have their own non-shared phase, meaning less people.
  • It is best to try tame Sabertron with Warmode off, however if you have friends to help, it may be easier to tame it with Warmode on and have your friends kill the opposite faction.
  • Nobody must be damaging Sabertron to compelte the tame, so it is helpful to communicate with the players around you.


/way Stormsong Valley 34.30 32.20 Sabertron