June 2019 Site Update – New Articles, Revamped Menu & Discord Bot

In this site update we are publishing a lot of articles documenting Secrets and Mysteries in Patch 8.2, as well as secrets from past expansions, bringing us over 65 secrets documented in our database!

We have also redesigned our menu, the register and log in pages, the mysteries page, and we have release our own discord bot for news. Check below for more info!

Patch 8.2 Secrets and Mysteries

Patch 8.2 Rise of Azshara is one of the major content updates in Battle for Azeroth, and with it comes many Secrets and Mysteries to be discovered and figured out by the community.

Secrets Overview Guides

We have published overview guides documenting all the secrets and hidden collectibles from the last expansions.

Battle for Azeroth Secrets

Legion Secrets

Warlords of Draenor Secrets

Mists of Pandaria Secrets

Website Updates

  • The new collection box in the Secrets Database and Hunter Pets pages now displays how many articles you've marked as "in progress" or "ignored", as well as how many articles you haven't marked yet. This way you will know when we've posted a new article.
  • As an update to the Mysteries page, we have added icons that indicate if a mystery is solved or unsolved. This will also show up on mouseover as shown in this picture.
  • The register and log in pages have been redesigned. It now takes less than 30 seconds to register and all your progress in the Secrets Database will be permanently saved!
  • We are releasing a Discord Bot that you can add to your discord server to stay up to date with the latest news posted on the website.

New Articles

With this new update we have also published twelve new articles in the Secrets Database. Click on the images below to learn more!

Note: The Secrets Database includes things that you can unlock and hidden collectibles that cannot be tracked in the Collections Tab. This includes spell books, unlockable zone upgrades, hidden npcs, hidden questlines and special items.