Love is in the Air 2020 (February 8-21)

Love is in the Air runs from February 8 through February 21 and is now live in NA and EU. Check our Love is in the Air Guide to learn more about this world event and how to get all the Love is in the Air mounts, pets, toys, transmog, achievements and more!

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Something is in the air in the major cities of Azeroth. Many guards and townsfolk spend their days giving and receiving gifts to other amorous citizens.

Sounds and fragrances swirl through the Azerothian air with the undiluted smell of love. Light with a hint of armor oil and mana notes, there’s just a hint of chemical top notes and a slight undercurrent of charm… or is that just conspiracy?

When: February 8–21
Where: Orgrimmar (Horde) and Stormwind (Alliance)
Currency: Love Tokens