Love is in the Air 2019 (February 12-26)

The Love is in the Air World Event returns to Azeroth for two weeks. The World Event is now live in both NA and EU!

Check out our Love is in the Air World Event Guide for a list of mounts, battle pets, toys, transmog and achievements that you can get during this holiday.

2019 Love is in the Air Holiday Updates

Originally Posted by Blizzard (Source)

The annual holiday, Love is in the Air, begins on February 12 and ends part way through the day on February 26. For this, we are applying a hotfix that makes it so only characters who are level 110 or higher will be eligible daily to receive the box that contains the most-rare items from this event’s bosses (for the last two years it’s been set to level 98). You will also see this reflected in the next official Hotfixes update post.

As a result of this, if you are hunting the Big Love Rocket you will want to get characters to at least level 110 for the event.

Good luck collection hunters!