Golk the Rumble

Golk the Rumble is a sea giant trapped in a cave at the Hatecoil Slave Pen in Azsuna.

/way Azsuna 58.42, 41.71

We find out that he was chained when he was a kid and was not strong enough to break the chains, and now he's grown strong but unable to fit through the door. He wishes he would be able to get out, indicated by the flavor text of his coin Coin of Golk the Rumble, but also by his dialogue in the game:

A key (Golk's Key), spell (Opening) and a lockbox (item=120185) were added in Patch 7.0.1, but they may have been removed from the game.

Golk's Lockbox Credit was added in patch 7.1.0 and is still up in the database, and because of that we can speculate that there might be a way to help Golk get out of the cave.